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March 1st 2012
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I spent my childhood and teenage life in just one school. It was approximately 15mins. on foot. Basically, I was used to travelling within short distances and that was my life for almost 11 years. But it was a totally different story when I graduated from high school. I received a letter from a certain universityin the capital and there it was, my new route was already set.. new life and new adventure.

When I created this blog, I thought I would fill it with my up and coming trips in and out of the country. But then, another epiphany came just minutes ago. I realized why not share with you guys how I lived and tell you stories of bizarre adventures I had within the metropolis and outside Mega Manila.

I must say, the four years I spent in the university is one of the most unforgettable episodes of my life. It has all the drama and adventure. It was freedom and responsibility at the same time.

I particularly enjoy my travels to and from my university. I enjoy my ride on LRT Line 1. (photo source: Eventhough the ride is tough and crowdy, which is understatement, the best thing about it is looking through the window at sunset and see the grandeur of the Manila skyline. It is breathtaking. Seeing the orange-violet-reddish horizon is worth it. I must say I am happy to be living in this country. I appreciate the freedom, which not all countries around the world get to understand and experience. The smoke, the heat and crowd we pass by everyday are meaningful backgrounds of the city life. Every building and street has its own history to tell, and as we walk pass through the pavements and street corners, we make a mark and engrave our footprints on this very land... Manila knows we lived and cherished its streets.

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