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February 6th 2010
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Vegetable medleyVegetable medleyVegetable medley

Including malunggay, a local vegetable.
We were asked by several people to take pictures of food. There is always a variety of meat (usually fish), fruit or vegetable or both and the standard rice (even for breakfast). The heat and the humidity make lighter foods more appetizing. The fruit is always fresh. There is a specialty that is mixed fruit with canned cream and fresh coconut. Francesca doesn't usually care much for coconut, but freshly picked coconut tastes so different. Today we had a coconut and fruit popsicle (called ice candy). The fish and shrimp and crabs are all less than a day old. Everything tastes good (naimas in Ilocano). An exception for me was the bitter melon which will take some getting used to.
As guests we aren't allowed to help much in food prep or clean up. While it is nice, it sometimes feels odd. I have a tendency to linger over a meal when there are people to talk with and good conversation. I have to be careful here because the table can only seat six. We take meals in shifts, so when you are done eating, you pick up your plate and move for another person. At more formal meals, the first

The first of many meals to include fish. This is covered in a sweet and sour sauce with carrots.
group at the table gets up en mass to make way for the next group.
These photos are just a sample of some of the dishes we have eaten over the last 4 days.

Rosario Mangaoang-Brodine

Additional photos below
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Fruit SaladFruit Salad
Fruit Salad

Fresh everything; coconut, pineapple and other fruits with Nestle cream.

at the Paradiso Resort. The fresh coconuts are peeled. One spot is taken down to the meat. You take a straw and poke into the center and drink the fresh milk. Later the coconut is opened up and the meat shaved off for eating
Lunch at the Paradiso ResortLunch at the Paradiso Resort
Lunch at the Paradiso Resort

Where we went swimming Thursday. Annie Rose and Ernan used the outdoor barbeque provided and we rented a cabana (covered hut with benches and a table).

A cookie made with flour, sugar, skim milk and sometimes peanuts. They crumble easily so are eaten straight from the package.
Star AppleStar Apple
Star Apple

Scoop out with a spoon to eat.

Freshly picked from the backyard

A sweet treat that originated in the province of Ilocos. Walyssa brought these by from her mother, Juliet.

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