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December 5th 2009
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December 4, 2009 (Friday)
CCP Bay Terminal A, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City (near Harbour Square)
Parking Fees: Php35 for 1st 3 hours and Php10 for every succeeding hour

Sun Cruises Day Tour - Php1,999.00
Inclusions: Roundtrip ferry transfers/shrine, entrance and terminal fees, guided island tour, buffet lunch

Overnight Package - Php1,999.00 + 500.00 for Twin/Double sharing

Optional: Lights and Sound Show inside Malinta Tunnel - Php150/person

Schedule (estimated time):
7:00am - Check in at the terminal
7:30am - Boarding
8:00am - Departure from Manila
9:15am - Arrival in Corregidor
Guided tour
2:30pm - Departure from Corregidor
3:45pm - Arrival in Manila

Corregidor is a tadpole-shaped island strategically located at the mouth of Manila Bay. It is also aptly named as "the rock" and is 48 kms. West of Manila or 30 miles from the city. It was in this very place that Filipino and American soldiers fought the Japanese invaders during World War II (1941).

A former battleground, Corregidor is 4 miles long and lies between the provinces of Bataan (2 miles away) and Cavite (7 miles away). There are 5 islands situated at the entrance of Manila Bay: La Monja ("the nun"),
Corregidor - Mile Long BarracksCorregidor - Mile Long BarracksCorregidor - Mile Long Barracks

A three-story concrete building which was also known to be the world's longest military barracks.
Caballo (Fort Hughes), El Fraile (Fort Drum), Carabao (Fort Frank), and clearly the largest island - Corregidor, also known as Fort Mills. The four nearby islands were also converted into impregnable fortresses in defense of the country against foreign invaders who plan to enter Manila Bay via South China Sea.

The word Corregidor originated from the Spanish term "corregir" which means to correct. It was said that the island was once used as a correctional facility during the Spanish era. Ships entering Manila Bay were required to stop by the island and have their papers checked/corrected.

Corregidor was first occupied by the Spaniards until 1898, when the Americans took over the island. Under the Treaty of Paris, Spain agreed to turn over Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to the Americans for $20,000,000.00. After the fall of Corregidor in 1942 under Japanese rule, the Americans once again regained control of the island in 1945 after a bloody battle with Japanese forces.

Corregidor island is actually divided into three geographic sectors: Topside, Middleside and Bottomside.

One can only stand in awe while looking at the different batteries (read:big guns), ruins, tunnel and other interesting structures that served
Corregidor - Gen. Douglas MacArthur "I Shall Return"Corregidor - Gen. Douglas MacArthur "I Shall Return"Corregidor - Gen. Douglas MacArthur "I Shall Return"

A statue of the general was built in his honor. Beside the statue is a marker inscribed with his famous message, "I Shall Return".
as witness to that devastating time in our history. As the old adage goes, "A country without ruins is a country without a history".

Corregidor is a perfect example of the phrase, "nature at its finest". Aboard the Tramvia, you can't help but marvel at the green scenery, breathe in the cool breeze and feel the serene/peaceful ambiance of the place. My favorite attraction would be the Pacific War Memorial and the Filipino Heroes Memorial.

Although weather was a bit cloudy, it was nevertheless a perfect day for an island tour. On a sunny day though, you would get to see the famous Manila Bay sunset. This is my first time to visit Corregidor. I am quite aware that this place has its share of historical significance but I had no idea that this would be a moving experience for me. It's true that a lot of people would opt to go out of the country for a relaxing vacation or go to local hotspots such as Boracay, Subic, Batangas and Tagaytay but nothing can compare to the history lesson you'll learn after visiting Corregidor. I've read Corregidor in my high school textbooks but travelling back in time
Corregidor - BatteriesCorregidor - BatteriesCorregidor - Batteries

Gun Emplacements
to see the actual structure, ruins and notable places in the island coupled with the tour guide's informative facts about the place is a memorable experience. I will definitely go back to visit Corregidor, this time, availing of the overnight package so I can experience ghost hunting inside the Malinta Tunnel and hiking.

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