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October 30th 2005
Published: November 10th 2005
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Talcum-fine white sands, crystal-clear calm waters, the culture, the people - these are just few reasons why I can't get enough of this paradise called Boracay.

Enthralled by my first Boracay getaway same time last year, I told myself that I would definitely go back. Since, it’s another long vacation with the proclamation of Oct31-Nov01 as Non-working holidays, we decided to experience the Boracay-fun again.

This time, since I, like most of the people here in the country, am experiencing some cash problems, thought of some ways, so as not to deprive myself of my passion for traveling, and still enjoy Boracay, even if I’m on a budget. Thanks to the Strong Republic Nautical Highway, better known as RORO (roll-on roll-off), since this enhances travelers to go to tourist spots on an alternate route. Traveling by RORO may be tiring and exhausting for those who are not used to it. You may find spending long travel hours, transferring to and from a bus or on a RORO vessel, a bit too inconvenient, but still, it is much cheaper, and a Roundtrip ticket will only cost you half of your airfare. Imagine the savings you can have. In addition, you can also bring your own car and indulge into a road-trip.

The entire trip is approximately 12 - 18 hours depending on the stopovers that you will make along the way. It is important that you know the RORO schedules, so as to maximize your time, and not end up waiting for the next RORO vessels. Suggest you bring snacks/food, so you can eat along the way, and reduce the stopovers that you will make.

Getting to Boracay

There are some bus companies in Cubao/Pasay which serves the Manila-Caticlan route. There is the Philtranco (02-851-8077 or 851-8079), Bachelor Express (02-731-7287), Alps & Ceres. We decided to take the 2PM Philtranco Trip on October 29, Saturday. As early as October 01, we bought our tickets at their Cubao Terminal (Ali Mall). Since its holiday, we might run out of ticket reservations. The bus ticket costs Php 615.00(including Php15.00 Insurance) and the 2 RORO fares, which you will pay to the conductor, cost Php 430.00.

The RORO is a four-part travel. First, the two-hour bus ride from Cubao-Batangas Port. Then the 2-3 hours RORO to Calapan, Mindoro. Third stretch is another 2-3 hours land travel to Roxas Port, Mindoro. Last part is the 4-5 hours RORO to Caticlan Port. From there, you are just a 15-minute ferry-ride away from Boracay. The banca fare is now Php39.50, which includes the Php20.00 terminal fee.

Sadly, my first RORO experience was a tad disappointing. We were scheduled for the 2pm trip on Oct 29, but the bus was 1.5 hours late in Cubao. We thought that we were on our way to Batangas, but, we were disgusted when the bus docked to their Pasay Terminal and made us wait for another hour coz they fixed something in the bus. Sigh. So many delays that we encountered, and the worst that happened was we missed the 3am RORO from Roxas to Caticlan. So we have to wait for another 3hours, coz RORO scheds in the Roxas-Caticlan route are every three hours, starting 3am. We arrived at boracay, 1130am the following day. The travel time was too long, almost 24 hours, sigh. It would have been better if all RORO vessels have beds to rest to make the trip more comfortable, however, some vessels only have inconvenient plastic chairs. It’s a challenge on how you’ll make yourself comfortable during the travel. You can hang out at the canteen to douse your hunger, watch the tv if they have one, jam with others at the videoke bar, or simply feel the vastness of the sea at the upper deck.

Soon as we arrived at Caticlan Port, we looked for other vehicles other than Philtranco, coz we were disheartened with their delays. Good thing, we found RODASTCO office inside Caticlan Port Terminal. Their terminal in Cubao is near Baliaug Transit Terminal, and they also have one in Sampaloc, Manila(02-783-0886). You can also ask GOPE(0921-524-5394 ) in Caticlan to book you for a trip from Manila/Cubao - Caticlan and vice versa. They have several Passenger Vans, so if you are a group (10-14 persons), it would be more convenient to occupy the entire van. The fare is much cheaper than that of Philtranco, it is only Php910.00/each one-way (Caticlan-Cubao) which includes the two RORO fares. They do not require any reservation fees. Better transact directly with Gope, because they have agents which will charge you an additional fee of Php50.00 as commission.

Boracay on a Budget

Since we are considering this vacation as a budget-trip, part of it is to scout for cheaper hotel accommodations. Thanks to the internet and I was able to make reservations on two affordable hotels. Jeric and I stayed at Villa Camilla while Nanay, Sarah, and Tan stayed at Orchid’s Resort. Both are located in Station 3. We were booked for Standard Rooms (aircon) at Php1,000.00 per day. Villa Camilla is a beach-front hotel, and their rooms have verandas facing the beach, whereas Orchids Resort is 3-minute walk from the beach.

Day1 - October 30, 2005, Sunday
Soon as we docked at Station3 at past 11am on October 30, Sunday, we immediately checked-in to our respective hotels, refreshed and strolled down to D’Mall at Station 2 for our lunch. Tired and hungry, due to our long trip, we just took our lunch at Andok’s. After our swift lunch, we walked along the shops at D’Mall. There were a lot of improvements and additions in the D’Mall as compared last year. Among them are the Budget Mart, Julie’s Bakeshop and many others.

Still tired and with barely enough sleep, after our lunch, we took some rest at the hotel. Villa Camilla has nice amenities. It has a small pool, a lobby where you can dine and watch tv, and a deck on the second floor overlooking the beach. The hotel staffs, especially JingJing, to whom I arranged our reservation, are very friendly and accommodating. We even managed to bargain our room rate from Php 1,000 to just Php 800.00 per night, since they gave us a fan room instead of an aircon room which we agreed thru our email exchanges. Settling on a fan room, instead of an aircon room, is no big deal since the weather is not so hot and the rooms are spacious and cozy since they have their own verandas overlooking the beach.

By sunset, we set a relaxing snack/dinner in front of our hotel near the beach. After our dinner, we engaged on another expedition of the island. We just strode and strode, celebrity-sighting, and just looking around, until we reached Jonah’s at Station 1. Their affordable fruit shakes (Php60.00 - Php75.00) should not be missed when you go to Boracay. Their specialty - Choco Banana Peanut is superb, along with my other faves - Choco Banana and Mango Papaya. After our round of shakes, we called it a night, and headed back to our hotels to have a goodnight sleep.

Day2 - October 31, 2005, Monday
Station 3 is a less crowded than Stations 1 & 2. Nevertheless, it still has the best share of the White Beach. We made an early morning stroll to the southern part of Stn 3, where we had our picnic and enjoyed the tranquil water.

With the influx of foreigners in Boracay, it would be a challenge to scrimp on your budget, since Restaurant prices are really expensive. Our immense probe of the island paved an answer to this predicament. You can still have a lush stay in the island without spending much coz there are lots of affordable restos there. Luckily, we found RNRC Restaurant, beside Angol Point in Stn3, just a 2-minute walk from our hotels. It’s just a small canteen, more of like a carinderia cum sari-sari store, which serves affordable yet delicious food. Their menu prices ranges from Php25.00 - 35.00/order, rice Php 7.00/cup. To save more, we brought canned goods, bread, chips, snacks and most especially bottled water. There is also a water refilling station near Station 3 pier. For five days - 3 days in Boracay & 2 days travel, we only spent Php4,000.00 for food (5 persons).

Having a massage at the beach is another entry in the Boracay hitlist. Masseurs, in green uniform are all-over the island, and will often approach you with their “Massage Ma’am” greetings. For Php300.00, you will experience an hour of relaxing massage. I was able to haggle with the old lady and gave us a massage for only Php200.00.

Boracay sunset is simply awesome. Taking a round of San Mig Lights, we idly sat on the wide shorelines of Station 1 in front of the infamous Willy’s Rock, as we witness the breathtaking setting of the sun.

Day3 - November 01, 2005, Tuesday
To appreciate the beauty of boracay, an island tour is a must. Instead of the usual 3 or 4 -hour banca ride, we rented a tric for 3hrs which we dealt on a fair bargain of Php500.00. We explored the northernmost part of the island - watched the waves at Puka Beach, plunged at the inviting waters of Club Panoly, trekked down Balinghai Resort, passed through the Grotto on Diniwid Beach, and sunbathed in front of Boracay Terraces Resort.

Boracay is a place to do NOTHING. You can spend hours on just sitting on the white sand, watching the tourists passing by, feeling the cool breeze of the air, and you can’t even notice that the hour hand fastly ticks. To get pleasure from the lazy afternoon, we played scrabble under the shade of the coconut trees which were perfectly landscaped in front of our hotel.

Boracay nightlife is so lavish with plenty of bars staging various shows every night. For our last night, we sat at Bom Bom's, and enjoyed the reggae ambiance. We also passed at Charl's and listened to the band's set of country music.

Day4 - November 02, 2005, Wednesday
How I wish that time can go 3 days back. It is our last day, but I still wanted to stay. Early morning, after our sumptuous breakfast, I took a book, and lazed down at the beach. I just beachcombbed for hours, savored and felt the sea breeze, and marked every inch of a memory that I had in this paradise.

Time to go home. By 1pm, we were already at Caticlan Port to purchase our tickets at RODASTCO for the 3pm RORO schedule. The Van trip was way convenient than that of the bus trip. No stopovers, no delays. We left Caticlan 3pm Nov02, and we arrived Cubao 3am the following day.

There is something in Boracay which lures me to always go back. There would definitely be a next time.


17th April 2006

Hi, just would like to ask... how was your trip Caticlan-Manila via RODASTCO? We're having second thoughts of riding Ceres...
18th April 2006

The trip was faster and better than that of Philtranco. have a nice roro trip :)
20th April 2006

Do you have contact info of Rodastco in Manila?
9th June 2006

great boracay review...
hi there... would just like to know how you managed to book an AC room in villa camilla with the rate that you mentioned ? 1k? thats a good offer considering your visit was during the peak season.... i'm considering the 2 resorts that you mentioned..... for our stay in boracay... hope you can help me.... :) keep up the great reviews!! :)
21st September 2006

hi. may I know how did u managed to book at villa camilla? do they have office reservation here in manila? their email seems not workin coz i dont get any reply from them with regards to my booking.
9th October 2006

latest schedule update of ferry boat
To : all management roro shipping Pls. Posted your latest update of ferry boat schedule, fare of vehicles, pasenngers, etc. and most important the fixed time schedule to this add. specially Batangas to calapan mindoro and roxas south of mindoro to caticlan aklan, we tried to call sometime the shipping office starlight and montenegro and compared their scheduled or verified to internet and found other than to actual schedule, WHY????, this is very important to those motorist with their own vehicles, the other problem is WHY??, only one schedule of ferry boat from roxas to caticlan or vice versa in 24hrs. passengers can't wait or waisting their time for 24hrs. OR MAYBE SOMEDAY nobody used this roro operation... and better used a port to port by air or water not this RORO OPERATION SYSTEM. THANKS.
12th November 2006

mahirap na karanasan sa roro
Mabuti na lng dumating kami ng roxas mindoro ng 2pm..and may aalis ng 5 pm na maharlika 4...Mayroong foreigner na naka expedition doon na nakakaawa kasi umaga pa sila dun di pa sila binook doon sa aalis ng 5pm..What if tayo ang nasa bansa nila at ginagago ng mga port authorities nila?Kung di ko pa tinulungan yung dalawang foreigners..di nila maisasampa ung expedition nila sa maharlika 4 ng 5pm departure..kasi sinabihan sila ng mga lokolokong port authorities ng ROXAS PPA na 1am pa daw departure ng montenegro kinabukasan pwede naman 5pm via maharlika..Very bad Government service
6th February 2007

villa camilla and orchid resort
awesome trip report! it's been most useful to me and my friends. would really be grateful if you can share the contact number of villa camilla and orchid resort 'cause their rates are a steal :) thanks, jill!
8th March 2007

nice information
hi. just want to thank you for your very informative article. you helped me save 20K pesos. i am planning to take the whole family to boracay this april and checked that the lowest airfare i could get is about 30K for a party of 6 (that means 30K for all of us). But with your tips in taking the roro (would probably prefer rodatsco based on your article), I would only need about 10K for a round trip roro trip. so, thanks for this.
9th March 2007

can't wait
we're planning a vacation sa boracay. super excited na! how can I look for cheap accommodation? what website? is it better to stay in station 3 or 2? I just need the fine white sand beach.
11th March 2007

roxas to boracay
ei guys! anyone knows where do we have to take a ferry from roxas to boracay? we will be taking cebu pacific from manila to roxas.. then from roxas were planning to take a ferry.. is that going to be a long travel? how long? where do wee need to take a ferry?
23rd April 2007

what is the contact number for rodasco in manila?please call back at no. 735-6979 and look for paolo or rea...
25th April 2007

great to find this site.. hope u can help me too.
hi there... pls share with me the roro sched from caticlan or bus schedule from iloilo to cubao.. tnx
28th April 2007

ei, do you have other contact numbers for RODASTCO?.. thanks!.. ^^,
1st November 2007

Hi Marvin and the rest of Boracay-bound vips, Rodastco has a booking office at 949 Antipolo St., Sampaloc, Manila, (02) 732-6891.
18th December 2007

very informative! thank you!
20th January 2008

about the 2 foreigners
Hello Joe, nakakatuwa naman at tinulungan mo ung 2 foreigners na ginagago ng mga kababayan nating lokal :) Bilang Pinoy na napunta sa ibang bansa at puro lamang magagandang karanasan sa kanilang gobyerno, it is really embarassing to hear of their experience :(
23rd January 2008

this is the best info i got for the roro trip to boracay. i inquired with some of the bus companies that depart from cubao and they leave at noon time while rodastco uses private vans that leave at night in manila. will definitely use this instead to save on costs considering we could already fill in a van!
26th February 2008

another tip
hello guys... lagi ako umuuwi sa aklan kc dun ang province ko. and i always travel via roro. eto lagi sked cnusunod ko. 1:30 am nasa buendia na ko sa sakayan ng bus papunta batangas. jam na bus specifically. umaalis cila mga 2:00 or 2:30 am. darating ako sa batangas port between 4:00 to 4:30 am. eksakto may umaalis na ferry starlight or montenegro ba ng 4:30. dun pa lng sa batangas port kumukuha na ko ng tiket ng van papunta roxas mindoro. darating ako ng calapan port 6:30 to 7:00 and from thereon derecho na sakay van papunta ng roxas. mga 9:30 to 10:00 am dating namin ng roxas eksakto aalis naman ang ferry ng montenegro o starlight ng 10:00 or 10:30 am to catiklan. darating ang ferry sa catiklan mga 3pm. pero kung ayaw nio magahol sa oras and kakaba-kaba dahil bka d umabot, i suggest, maglaan ng isang oras earlier. mainam lang mag-bus kung maraming dala. pero kung wala naman, ay naku ang dami nila stop-over enough para mainip ka at mabanas lang sa haba ng biyahe. post ko dn dito mga travel hours. buendia to batangas port- 2 hours batangas port to calapan port - 2 hours calapan to roxas port - 3 hours roxas to catiklan - 3 to 3 1/2 hours walang problema ang byahe from batangas and from calapan. ang kelangan lang e maabutan ang byahe ng ferry pa-catiklan. last na uwi ko is january 2008 during ati-atihan. ung mga schedule ng ferry pa-catiklan are: 12:00 am 2:00 am 10:00 am 5:00pm hindi ko alam etong summer if babaguhin nila kc for sure madaming uuwi for boracay vacation. i hope makatulong itong post ko.....
8th March 2008

how much did you spend in total for that 3 days and 2 nights?including food?THANKS!!
23rd March 2008

help needed
can i have the number of your contact in villa camilla...
26th March 2008

Angel Star
Rodastco does not exist anymore. Same personnel but they are now called Angel Star in Bustillos, Legarda. P600.00/head for a van trip to Batangas Pier then to Roxas then you need to pay another for your fare from Roxas to Caticlan. According to Angel Star, they only leave for Roxas once a day, 9pm. ETA at Caticlan is 12nn the following day. Trips from Roxas to Manila is daily also at 1pm only. According to the dispatcher I spoke to, make sure you book at least 2 days before. Booking must be made at their Roxas terminal for trips going back to Manila. For more info call (02) 783-0886. Hope this helps.
31st March 2008

boracay to mindoro
does rodastco accommodate trips from boracay to mindoro only? we're planning a vacation in puerto galera. Ty.
31st March 2008

Uhm, just asking, what's the cheapest bus available going to caticlan?? thanks po.
18th April 2008

Me and my family is bound for a vacation in Aklan sometime next week and wanted to avail the services of RoRo. Are there advance bookings and what are the rates? In the event that we wanted to bring with us our owner stainless jeep, for how much will it cost us. I am from Numancia but sad to say, I haven't visited Boracay since I left for Manila in 1974. Thank you. Audie Sally
30th April 2008

Thanks for this very informative posting....... we're planning to have a vacation this middle of May 2008 and we are planning to take the RO-RO from cubao. But we cant get in touch with the Buses information. Thanks and we got the contact number of the private vans. Spoke with two van operators; Angel Star (02 783-0886 c/o Abner) and Gope (02 732-6891 c/o Cesar). Their Vans can accommodate 15-18 pax per trip from Manila to Roxas (Php600.00/pax net). Since we are ten in a group, we requested them to pick us up here in our place at Philcoa and its ok with them. The Van leaves at 9PM daily from Manila-Batangas-Calapan-Roxas (arrives Roxas at 5am or 6am) to catch the 8am(?) or 10am boat to Caticlan (12nn (?) or 2pm) with fare of Php 330.00/pax. Before going to Boracay Island, be sure to get your return ticket (Roxas-Manila) at the Caticlan Ferry Terminal (try to know the sked from their staff). so, better have your dinner early and bring some foods and water along with you. Have a nice trip to the Paradise Island of BORACAY........ Enjoy!
15th May 2008

can u help me pls.
me and my friends are planning to go to bOra. 2009 pa nmn.. we r still students kaya kailangan todo ipon. Can u tel me how na gastos m for the transportation? roundtrip expenses.. plz.. tnx
17th May 2008

please i just want to know
was there a trip by roro today? may 17,2008
5th July 2008

in jail star NOT ANGEL STAR
8th August 2008

somebody help??
wats the latest schedule now of RORO, what time does it leave cubao - caticlan...?
2nd September 2008

great blog!
hi there.nice blog.very informative. might as well want to add the links on the ro-ro,hotels,etc.thanks.
15th September 2008

perfect blog
nice review. i would definitely try this...
5th October 2008

vans from sampaloc-roxas-sampaloc
we have 15 to 18 seater Toyota Hi Ace Commuter for hire for all your needs like excursions, filed trip, weddings, private tour etc....van leaves from sampaloc in the evening and arrive in Roxas early morning. pls text 09172050510 or email:
5th October 2008

5th November 2008

Hello there: Just wondering if you can give me some info regarding the van for rent from Manila to Boracay. As there are about 10 family members of mine going to Boracay via RoRo, I believe renting one of those vans will be more convenient for them. Any info you can provide will be much appreciated. They are planning on going in January of 09. Thanks kindly
7th November 2008

Rodastco or Angel Star?
We're going to Boracay in December this year. Thanks for this very informative post. Anyway, which do we take? Rodastco or Angel Star? I called 732-6891 and someone who says he's from Rodastco answered. I called 783-0886, and I talked to someone from Angel Star. Rodastco leaves at 7pm, while Angel Star leaves at 9pm. Which among these is more convenient in terms of waiting for RoRo's and is less of a hassle overall? Thanks!!! :)
15th November 2008

accommodation in boracay
hi there, for those of you who are looking for affordable accommodation like a retreat place to stay but not to sacrifice the quality, i know of a place where i usually stay in serenity even if you are going with a group....cheers!
25th November 2008

land trip in boracay by RORO
hi to all hope this can help you a lot.Nagpunta kami ng family ko last oct.26 to 28 we went to boracay.Umalis kmi ng cubao by bus ng 12 noon.You ca choose a lot of buses there is ALPS(this is the one we ride)DIMPLE,CERES(all bus sked are 12noon).The fare is Pph 1050+25 for terminal fee for port this include also the RORO fare.Ceres are the one nice bus all are new.Alps are ok too.We arrived in Caticlan at around 4:30 am the next day.first trip of banca going to cagban jetty is 6am.Hope this can help a lot.Happy trip.
3rd January 2009

karla, i suggest not to ride ceres going to manila. our experience was totally disaster....imagine,we ride 6:00 in the morning and we arrived at caticlan at around 12nun. However, nakasakay na kami ng ferry boat the next day....hay naku.bwesit na ceres.....
3rd January 2009

Mga dalok dalok sa pasahero...biskan gutok na pasulod gapon...tapos stranded malang caticlan.cegeha nyo kay bomboo gd guwa kamo luoy pasahero nga tag 12 hrs hulat sakay lng ferry boat.tani kung la avail barko mindoro tani nd pasaka pasahero..kaluoy lnga.d kamo balo control nga.may schedule man kamo balo.tag 27 ka bus gakastranded.kung importante pamanila mo wala kagd!.hay...nd nlang kamo magbyahe yah...BLOGER, kindly print this and forward to the Management of CERES...Thank you.
8th January 2009

RODASTCO is still existing
I am from Oriental Mindoro and working here in Manila, always travel via RODASTCO.. we call it door to door.. they will pick you or your group anywhere in Metro Manila from the door of your is there contact no. 02-7326891; 09179-3820426
2nd March 2009

tanong lang sana ako if magkano ang fare manila to roxas s roro kc uwi ako by april 5 galing d2 hongkong.d kc ako kumuha ng tiket n connecting kc my dala ako.pwede emil nyo ako.thanks wait ako
1st April 2009

very informative
Hi, thanks for this great info. Now I have an option to go to boracay kasi fully booked na lahat yung flight going to boracay(PAL, Cebu Pacific etc...) Grabe... Anyway baka i-try namin itong RO-RO much cheaper. Na-check ko na rin yung Rodatsco very accomodating naman sila ang concerns ko lang colorum yung mga Van nila, so anything happened along the road they are not liable. Anyway hwag naman sanang mangyari yung mga negative. thanks for this great info.
2nd April 2009

going for a vacation
hello does anyone know the recent price of the roro travelling from manila to boracay and where is the best place to stay there.
12th April 2009

fare for toyota corolla roxas to caticlan
hello po sa lahat tanong lang po kong magkano ang bayad ng toyota corolla sa roro roxas to caticlan and batangas to mindoro salamat po ng marami sa lahat ng magbibigay ng tamang info balak ko pong bumalik ng aklan. maraming salamat mga guys for helping me thanks and god bless.
14th April 2009

the bora
galing mo naman pano mo nalaman yan??........ magshare ka na naman
14th April 2009

talaga bang maganda sa boracay?? ano ung una mong cnav pagdatng mo dun???.,.....
25th April 2009

hi, i just want to know the schedule of Roro's trip going to manila tomorrow? or what time it leave in caticlan.
28th April 2009

A great place to be
Boracay is a magical island where people got addicted to it. For more info visit
28th April 2009

Boracay offers a great deal for all its visitors. For more info visit
2nd September 2009

roro scadul
i wana kno schedul to boracay
10th September 2009

ang ganda
13th November 2009

going to antique
Itanong ko lang kung okey ba na magroro kung me 5 years old and 1 1/2 years old. kasi wala na akong paraan para mag-airplane ang mahal wala ng promo at yung wga wala silang sabado na schedule. lahat papunta iloilo. ano sa palagay nyo. Gusto naming magbakasyon sa lugar sa antique at boracay. Safe kaya ang roro at di b matagal masyado.
30th November 2009

gogo gooo fo
pls y go kkko mmmo tttbi6cto cause one gave and one took and none others gave to give to get so y ka222etototoooo took mookkki2ik cause you took and gave nummnitim10101230oo4 to mamnnni10 kam cause you could but could to could not see geee tiv cause one gave too little too much and none gave to give but to seevettevvdip t nnni44424554 nouns niiiyyyti what bitch witch fitch flinch yo 2o dyyko u havvi 2miy nkkai now so nows whats huttee mictteeb by stan in a clutch much wimmni2045678012 wild hide my wi2oooi cause one kami ammmi and thei one ammmi one another gave nuttmmminiti10 fin dim 10 lim bimmm10 12 330 22 ho bo do ko mo go go mo ho bkkki rrro millki225i miy tti y lylyyi ttti 5
17th March 2010

Thank you for the very interesting informations
Hi! thank you for sharing your experienced in Bora. Your story actually helped me to get the right contact person for me able to get in Bora by RORO.
31st March 2010

Malupit ka boy! :) I'll copy your trek!
19th June 2010

thank you
hi there! awesome photos and great help blog thanks a lot..
30th July 2010

hello good ev.
i'd like to ask the contact number of RORO in cubao???? please call back at number 719-86-13 looking for jumely thank you... ASAP...
3rd August 2010

magkano ang pamasahe sa car
hello po sa lahat tanong lang po kong magkano ang bayad ng hyundai elantra 14feet sa roro batangas to calapan and roxas to caticlan salamat po ng marami sa lahat
15th August 2010

very informative!
planning to do bora in september. i find this blog very informative. this could help me on my planning.
19th October 2010

We plan to celebrate my bday and our anniv. to Bora this is our first time for Ro Ro travel so we plan not to bring kids. This post is really helpful i already contact GOPE 09174987149 and they will pick us in any designated area even in front of our house. I will post also a helpful and cheapest travel after our Bora ciao.
21st October 2010

We plan to go to Kalibo with side trip to Boracay? Can you guide our way to the area? Cheapest trip fare and hotel? Thanks!
22nd October 2010

It's a good thing that there are budget accommodations in the places we want to go like in Boracay. It wouldn't be that costly. Visit Cagayan de Oro City and have a whitewater rafting adventure with your friends!
1st November 2010

travelling around!
..did u guys went down into the cave somewhere in Bora? but,i do..lots of snake passing thru in my toes..and some of them are sea so fucking dirty when i get back up into that hill..lots of bats shit ..
26th January 2011

so beautifull
28th January 2011

rorobus fare to boracay
Hi! pwede po mag malaman kung how much april fare to boracay? thanks! yolly
3rd March 2011

magkano po yung pamasahe sa RORO? from manila to caticlan? kapag aircon bus?
3rd March 2011

pwede po magtanong? kung magkano pamasahe kapag roro, aircon bus from manila to caticlan??
3rd March 2011

magkano po yung pamasahe kapag roro? aircon bus, from manila to caticlan?
22nd April 2011

Thank you so much for all the info! :)
25th November 2011

magkano po kaya ang pamasahe sa roro kapag my sakay na truck??
21st March 2012

please add ways to travel by car to boracay
i hope there should a ways how to travel by car or own transportation from my place and my distination
12th July 2012

pleased send me true mail.......................immediately
21-20 daisy st. timog park angeles..............................................
12th July 2012

speedy travel when will be it book........................
pleased advised properly me true my email................waiting for past reply on my email.........................
5th August 2012

gud am poh mag inquire po sa na maknuh poh ung ticket kpag mag trravel kah p2ntang boracay good for one poh?txt bck poh sa # koh 09214291649
21st September 2012

24 hour service
hello po! ask ko lng po kung 24 hours yung bus service nila from kalibo airport to caticlan and then yung ferry nila? thank you. ^^

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