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May 26th 2008
Published: February 21st 2010
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It was love at first sight. After years of pure imagination, I was finally able to set foot on Batanes, a group of islands at the northernmost tip of the Philippines. Three islands are inhabited -- Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat. It is actually nearer Formosa, Taiwan than Luzon mainland. Together with 4 friends (they just first met one another at the airport), our adventure was one that would be h... Read Full Entry

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coconut crabcoconut crab
coconut crab

it is illegal to take one of these out of Batanes. coconut crabs are delicious.
the falowathe falowa
the falowa

you'll be amazed at how this vessel can dance through the huge waves of the sea
mother and child cowsmother and child cows
mother and child cows

tranquility at vayang

farmer with his carabao at the end of day's work

winds around Batanes are strong

27th April 2010

truly a paradise.
it's my ultimate dream to get here, how much budget will be needed for 4days? pls help..i'm dying to see this place, i can'r sleep well just because i think of batanes everynight.♥ pls..
7th May 2010

Hi Rio, Budget will depend on where you're coming from. If from Manila, roundtrip fare is about P10,000, depending on when you booked your ticket. Expenses once in Batanes is minimal. You can stay at Ivatan Lodge instead of the more expensive accommodations. It's a fine place to stay. You can hire a guide or just roam around by yourself :)
19th May 2010

Looks like paradiso 2 me!!! BTW, great pix, though! Got to save enuf so I can get there! Heard the air tix is quite xpnsiv! Ciao!
27th May 2010

Thanks Ed. Fare depends on where you're coming from. But hey, don't worry about it because it is all worth every penny/dime/cent. ;)
1st June 2010

Dream ko rin to..
I was hoping sana may mga taong gusto rin pumunta ng batanes, just to roam around and enjoy the place, pero mga backpackers lang, kasi I am planning to go there, but in a tight budget, i like this blog, kasi ang ganda ng mga pictures, kaka inggit.. anyway to those interested to go in batanes, na backpackers lang, email me.. thanks...
10th July 2010

Thanks guys for the photos...they are beautiful. just like in new zealand...i really have to visit batanes one of this days.
26th July 2010

love to be there
like the pic of basco, batanes...though expensive still worth to be there! never been to any place in north luzon.
29th July 2010

Planning to visit!!!
Great pics! I've been planning to visit Batanes for a long time now, I hope to come after storm season though. Batanes would be a delightful break from work *winks! This blog is really helpful, coz i'll be going there with just a backpack and on a shoestring budget :)
29th July 2010

it's summer season in Batanes!
June to August is actually the best time to visit because it is summer there during this period :). Learned recently that Batanes is the only province in the Philippines that has 4 seasons. (The only airlines flying there has daily flights during the summer season....and seats are on sale!) ;)
31st December 2010
mother and child cows

it looks more like cow... is it?
31st December 2010

oh yes, these are cows. thanks!
13th January 2011

Such a pleasure to see your blog.
Hello. I was just amazed with this place. It was a place assigned to me as my project, me being a student yet. Can i ask a favor if i can grab some of your photos and information? although i tried earlier to grab photos but i failed. thanks! :)
19th May 2011

just visited batanes
just came from a trip to batanes and i fell in love with the place. it is really quite amazing to visit and experience the islands and i just cant wait to go back there. unlike you, i stayed with my friend at their place in sabtang. it was just fascinating. it's as is if i stepped back in time when filipinos lived simply. i couldn't believe that there is actually a place here in the philippines where people sleep with their windows and doors open all throughout the night! everywhere you look is beautiful. and yes the people are so friendly and accommodating. i had fun riding the local tricycles on sabtang that have roofs made of cogon grass. i had fun participating in the community lunch at the local barangay fiestas. i had fun eating on huge leaves feasting on freshly caught fish and coconut crabs (tatus). the place made me realize that life can be so much happier if we scaled down a bit. the place is indeed worth visiting especially if you are the nature trippping/backpacking traveller. going there we took the flight with the royal star airlines and it cost P6000. flying back we took seair and it was P6350. now, am starting to save up again for the trip back next summer..... even without my friend. =)
10th November 2011
hi .....nice picture and good story .
28th January 2012

heavenly place!
The places are really wonderful! After seeing these pictures, I got more inspired to strive hard to reach these places. Batanes really is my dream place! Hope to be there someday....
20th April 2012

i really love to see it in real time
i was amaze of some pictures, parang if you are nature lover dapat dito ka pumunta, dahil sa maganda. pag iipunan ko talaga ito, kahit takot ako sa airplane sumakay. a place i must see..
29th July 2012

one of God's beautiful creations....
still planning to visit basco batanes just to witness the beautiful creation of God and hope i can make it sooner nxt year....may the lord god favor my dreams.
29th July 2012

air fair
just want to know if merong direct plane from manila to batanes?tnx po!
31st July 2012

hi, yes, seair have regular flights to batanes.
8th March 2013

Beauty in the Philippines
We only had 3 weeks in the Philippines so we did not get to this part of the country. Maybe next time. You've done a nice job describing your visit.
22nd November 2013

This is my second visit in Basco. I saw those pics now in reality.. Awesome breeze.. good local people..great trip..

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