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December 29th 2007
Published: December 29th 2007
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I can't possibly email all of the (very few) people who may be curious as to my safety... but in case you care, I'm OK, I was in a restaurant when the stuff hit the fan, and we sat tight for a couple of hours (turned off the lights, shut the doors and pulled down the shutters).. then walked back to the hotel, where we stayed in on the 28th (when the entire city was shut down and you couldn't even find a taxi to take you to the border), and the situation was a bit better today although definitely not normal, and so we crossed, and are now in Amritsar, and Benazir's madness is left behind...

Yes, I'm alive and I'm safe. Thanks for caring.


29th December 2007

from Chicago
glad to hear you're alive. i've been following your story for the past 6 months
30th December 2007

Hamdolsun ve _√ľkrolsun! God is great!
30th December 2007

Glad your ok
I'm a lurker from way back in Somalia. Spent some time in Swat and surrounding areas in the early 70s. Your postings have revived many memories for me. Thanks for your sharing. Surely Australia beckons for a complete rest!
1st January 2008

New Year Wishes
I enjoy your postings and I am glad you are well. Best wishes for the new year.
3rd January 2008

iyi olduguna sevindim... ben hindistana gelecegim karar verdim..
4th January 2008

Much relieved to hear you are safe. Thank god. Glad to have you here in India.
6th February 2008

You dont seem to be enclined to "get back in the rat race" yet. I am faced with a dilemma... To leave everything, and be happy in poverty and freedom... or to grasp the opportunities of getting rich and "making it"... and risking to loose my true self. Everybody seems to be eager to employ me with attractive terms. I wonder if it's because they sense that I want to run away. usually when they sense that people subconsciously try to retain you by every possible mean... They cant really explain it... it's how society goes, They dont like the nail that sticks out. Or they want what they cant have easily... either of the two. Enjoy your freedom!
6th February 2008

Dont know why... I regret posting my last comment. I feel i did something wrong. Take care man.
4th March 2008

Hi! How r u and where? Im Sonja (and Zdenek from Czech Rep.), we met in Pak. KKM-Pasu. We r in India still travelling around recently south. Its amazing time traveler has isnt it? I can see here that u have seen big peace of Middle East. It was my dream do it same way as u but it seems Im not such tough. I was curious how Pakistan has been after death of Benazir. U can write me so we can chat a little. Greetings!
4th March 2008

still alive
galaktikler arasi dunya haritasi uzeri yakin takibinde oldugumuz bedreddin nin yasamindan aile boyu endise ediyoruz ' beyaz adamlar tarafindan mi kacirildigini yoksa man-eater kaplanlarla mi yasamaya karar verip vermedigini kestiremiyoruz' haritaya rehatla dululu diye bakmanin da bir faidesini goremedik hezeyanla abdeyt lerini bekliyoruz.
19th March 2008

Hi, No blogs yet from India?? Would like to meet you if you come to Bangalore.
1st May 2008

Survival, so easy a caveman could do it
Glad to hear you're still experiencing the world, I've ben following your story, havnt checked in on it in a while, Im gonna read the new posts, keep your eyes open for danger! always look before you leap
1st May 2008

the rat race
And to whoever wrote Hello, and about the rat race, I dodnt think there's anytihng ot regreat, I was thinkign the same thing whben I read this story.... so much bullshit in the world, what do we really need? food, shelter sometimes, the bare necessities. Why sowe work hard to make our companys owner richer?? that dont acomplish anything. Sure it puts food on the table, but there are other ways. Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature's recipes That brings the bare necessities of life
19th June 2009

i ame born in ethiopia but i am liveng now ganave i rede yure,s later i layket and tankyuo

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