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October 1st 2010
Published: November 24th 2010
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One thing they don’t like to give you whilst in North Korea is free-time. Free-time breeds curiosity and in North Korea curiosity can land you in a lot of trouble. After scoffing down a breakfast consisting of New Zealand Anchor butter and my first toast in a year, we were immediately on our way. Our guide Ms. Lee (one of four family names that make up 95% of the North Korean population), who ha... Read Full Entry

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24th November 2010

A fascinating account of your visit to this oddity of a nation. One day, I hope to get to North Korea too.
25th November 2010

I hope you manage to get to North Korea too! The high costs of visiting here are definitely worth it, to see such a secluded nation stuck in a timewarp. Let me know if you do make it there.....i'd be interested to hear your account of the place.
9th April 2011

tour operator
Hi, can I ask which tour operator you used? I am planning to book to go in August. Any tips? Thanks!

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