Insider guide to DPRK (lol..) trip to the"Mysterious Fragrant Mountain"

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December 6th 2009
Published: January 11th 2010
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Every day is a new experience and this first week end trip (early December 2009) outside of Pyongyang, North Korea, brought nothing but positive feel. DPRK country side beauty had remained something of a mystery, although I had read about it, actually living in DPRK, I was truly looking forward to the first opportunity to get out of the city and explore unspoiled nature areas and see more of the c... Read Full Entry

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Along the lakeAlong the lake
Along the lake

Myohyang town

Myohyang town
MyoHyang MyoHyang

Small waterfall
The International Friendship ExhibitionThe International Friendship Exhibition
The International Friendship Exhibition

First hall dedicated to the late (and eternal) leader of DPRK
Formal Picture Time in front of the 2nd hallFormal Picture Time in front of the 2nd hall
Formal Picture Time in front of the 2nd hall

The International Friendship Exhibition
View from upstairsView from upstairs
View from upstairs

The International Friendship Exhibition
More snow and blue sky!More snow and blue sky!
More snow and blue sky!

The International Friendship Exhibition

11th January 2010

Conquering Continents
I was intrigued by your access to the DPRK. I thought it was a "closed" country, i.e. to all westerners. Your writing "tyres" lets me surmise that you are either from the U.K. or from one of its former colonies. As my comment title suggests, I would like to know your secret for entering North Korea. Thank you, and stay safe. Eb
12th January 2010

Great account!
Hey Laetitia, a great account of North Korea! I have been wanting to go for a long time, but the short trips are prohibitively expensive. Maybe one day, when I have a job again. Until then I will see the country through your eyes. I also liked your entry about Kashgar by the way, I did the trip over from Pakistan a few years ago - stunning! Greetings from (currently) New Zealand, Ben
13th January 2010

Fantastic photos! :)
25th February 2010

Thanks for those comments, it is indeed a quite fascinating place to live in :) And yes indeed Eb, the country is somehow not as opened to foreign tourists as others might be but it is possible to visit assuming you are going through an official travel agent (no independant travel there). As for myself, I am actually based there (humanitarian work) :-)

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