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March 7th 2013
Published: March 13th 2013
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Elephant stableElephant stableElephant stable

We spent about 2 days in Chitwan during which our hillight was cearly our few encounters with Rihnos. We spent a full day on a hiking safary starting with an hour long journey in Canoe along side the Rapti river. We soon found out that the river is fairly populated with Crocodiles, we witnessed the result of what must be the equivalent of a Full English in Croc's land 😊 (see pictures).

Our encounters with the Rhinos were quite special moments and it was a priviledged to witness such curious and ancient creature from such short distance, let aside the thrill of the danger. The noise those animals make when they run near is quite a thing as the whole ground resonate - one has to respect this magnificient animal especially when it starts walking in your direction.

With the life of the Chitwan National park and its afflux of tourist the choice of a Walking safari wasn't random, it did make me feel very unconfortable to see how Elephant get litteraly chained to their foot as soon as they return from their day work for the numerous Elephant Safaris. They did all seem fairly well fed and taken
Sauraha sunsetSauraha sunsetSauraha sunset

Our very first sunset
care of but it was certainly an unseasy sight that should make most people not wanting the spend hours on their back for their own pleasure... a side of Chitwan that I did not particularily enjoy.

During those 2 days we also witnessed and participated to some local danses and did some bird watching. I have to say though, my experience of Africa's safaris and wildlife still remains miles ahead of the competition.

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Rapti riverRapti river
Rapti river

Leaving early morning for our day hike in Chitwan National park
Transport cargoTransport cargo
Transport cargo

This river is full of crocodile, he does not seem bother
Croco's breakfast leftoversCroco's breakfast leftovers
Croco's breakfast leftovers

We saw the eyes on the surface, 10 secs later he jumped out and caught that fish... our canoe driver went to pick-up the pieces...
Just let me know if he moves please :)Just let me know if he moves please :)
Just let me know if he moves please :)

I started running not long after as big boy made a move !
Rhino bath timeRhino bath time
Rhino bath time

It gets too hot from around midday.
Elephants walking in their natural habittatElephants walking in their natural habittat
Elephants walking in their natural habittat

Those are Government owned and used to control the park.
Keep your distance from the beastKeep your distance from the beast
Keep your distance from the beast

We saw this Rhino then it disappeared, only to start hearing him again running. Carmen did not take any chance :)
The dark side of ChitwanThe dark side of Chitwan
The dark side of Chitwan

I woke up early and went to the stable to capture the sadness of those animals

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