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October 28th 2007
Published: January 13th 2008
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Back to Kathmandu for the start of my group trip overland to Delhi - it is going to be strange traveling with a group and to a schedule. Arrived back in Kathmandu after the usual bumpy bus journey from Pokhara and was just in time of the first meeting. Our team leader, Chandra, was there to welcome us all with a necklace of orange marigolds. With the introductions completed and overall a really ni... Read Full Entry

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Bodhnath StupaBodhnath Stupa
Bodhnath Stupa

One final look at the beautiful Bodhnath Stupa

13th January 2008

Nice images & 1 good observation
I liked your blog. The images are very nice. i especially liked the one with the title..Looking over Kathmandu. I happen to be from Varanasi. In hindus its believed that if you have your last las breath in varanasi then you are sure to reach heaven. I have been a part of many cremations of my old family members and one of your observations about cremations caught my notice. You have written about death being a part of life and not being as gruesome as expected. its quite true and one of the traditions in some hindus involves celebrating the death of elderly..cherishing the fact that he lived a fulsome life. Your observation is remarkable because it comes from a person who is not used to the ways of hindus. Cheers, Saurabh Ranjan

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