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January 7th 2010
Published: January 7th 2010
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Our reason for doing the Annapurna trek in 15 days was so that we could get back to Pokhara on the 29th and then Kathmandu for the 30th in time to start a 10 Vipassana meditation course on 1st December. However as we huffed and puffed our way through the Himilayas, we realised how silly it was to be racing back to be serene and tranquil. So, we decided to take our time once we got back and book ... Read Full Entry

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Matt Samples the local Lassi SpecialityMatt Samples the local Lassi Speciality
Matt Samples the local Lassi Speciality

we're here with our friends Steve and Frank
Our last rice crispies and tea in the hallOur last rice crispies and tea in the hall
Our last rice crispies and tea in the hall

big smiles as it's the first day of talking in 10 days

7th January 2010

Another chapter for the book!
What a wonderful description of your time in Katmandu and look forward to reading the blog on Meditation experience as I cannot imagine doing it myself. Hope we get to chat soon. Eileen here with me at the moment. Good. Lots of love to you both. Love the pics especially the one of you on the elephant and the Christmas both looked good and happy. Mum XXX
12th January 2010

A real holiday
Great meeting the two of you at that ex-pat nexus Open Hand Cafe in Delhi. We had some good laughs which made my working holiday a lot more fun for a few days. Travel well out there. I'll keep an eye on your blog to see what fun you find over the next hill. I know we'll meet up again somewhere. 'Til then... - Aaron, Long Island
14th January 2010

Hi guys Thanks for the update - reminds me of my travels there 12 years ago and makes me want to return! Thanks also for the very special Christmas card - really cool one. Enjoy the next steps of your travels and I look forward to further blog updates. Big hugs h x

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