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November 21st 2006
Published: November 23rd 2006
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6am on the crunch day6am on the crunch day6am on the crunch day

6am and we're off.
I woke up a few times last night. It was the first time in my life I had felt claustrophobic. Our rooms were small and dark with 9"x9" skylights. Felt scared by this window and wondered what my Grandad felt in his Japanese Prisoner War Camp, managed some sleep.
The morning was very cold put on my balaclava and goretex coat.

When we arrived at Gorak Shep I already felt dizzy and sick. We were comforted by the option of choosiung a dish of the menu. Most elected for cheese omelete and chips. with hindsight this was problably not a good idea. I think I have lost weight. Many of us fantacise about being at home and eating a good steak or another favorite dish.


**Completed entry 28 Nov**

20-30 steps head pounding, feeling sick stop, breath, carry on. Always asking will I make it? the doctor accompanies as I struggle to camp camp. I think about Helen and about how hard this is. I can see the helicopter that crashed at Base camp back in the 70s but it isn't getting closer. 10 minutes more the doctor says . Felt low. Then suddenly I'm there.
Show me the way to Base CampShow me the way to Base CampShow me the way to Base Camp

A small sign pointed the direction to Base Camp. At the time of year I went there was nothing else at base camp other than a pile of rocks, crashed helicopter and glacial till. I was pleased that they had seemed to clear the litter away though.
don't know how but I'm there. Exhilaration is overtaken by exhaustion. I hide a few tears behind my sunglasses. I've done it. Get some photos eat some peanuts and then realise my down jacket is riped on the arm. Sandra helps me fix it with some of the Micropur that I have on me. Because I'm the last to Base Camp time is short and we have to leave before the cloud comes up the valley. We got off the morraine quickly, somehow I have more energy. The journey was hellish. I retched three times before we got back to Gorak Shep but nothing came up. Felt really bad. The prize meal is Yak Steak. Meat is rare is these parts but I turn it down and go to bed. I have never undertaken anything so hard in my life. I had already decided not to ascend Kala Pattar the following day. I needed to muster my energy now for the journey home. It was never about the mountain for me. It was always about those 200 people. I acheived what I set out to do all those months ago. I only hoped that the prestige of the name Everest
Sign at the lodgeSign at the lodgeSign at the lodge

This sign at Gorak Shep made us all wish these people were around. All help appreciated even from higher powers.
has encouraged people to donate.

Despite my refusal of food, Zane my room mate brings me some anyway and tells me to get some down my neck. It's a kind gesture. I get a few chips down and sleep.

Additional photos below
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Khumbu Glacier Ice CaveKhumbu Glacier Ice Cave
Khumbu Glacier Ice Cave

An ice cave on the Khumbu Glacier.
One of the views from Base CampOne of the views from Base Camp
One of the views from Base Camp

One of the views from Everest Base Camp
Got there!Got there!
Got there!

Me at Base Camp. Exhausted but I made it.

Everest from Base Camp

23rd November 2006

Yes!!!! Well done! :D
We're all very proud, and so should you be. Inspirational! Mark, Becky Evan and Luke.
23rd November 2006

wow what an achievment
Wow, what an achievement!!! So glad to have received the Blogs, keep fighting in there, we,re all with you back here, glad doctors are at hand, you are doing yourself proud. WELL DONE Love you mum and dad
24th November 2006

Great news
Great news! Well Done G, knew you would do it. I know exactually how you are feeling, can't wait to hear your stories when you get home. Keep safe. Love Martine and Andy

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