Lesson 101:Rhino Avoidance Tactics ... (and some observations on ritual goat sacrifice)

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April 3rd 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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We stood huddled on the edge of the jungle while our guide delivered the safety message detailing how to save ourselves in the event of meeting a rhino, tiger or sloth bear. For the rhino we were directed to (1) look for a small tree to scramble up, or in the absence of a small tree (2) to look for a large tree to hide behind, or in absence of any trees whatsoever to (3) run in a zig zag fashion... Read Full Entry

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Goat carriageGoat carriage
Goat carriage

These goats are off on the ride of their lives!

16th April 2007

Great Trip
Looks like a great trip of a lifetime ! Enjoy - miss you at the salt mine !
16th April 2007

all is cool on the home front
Wow! what a trip loks loke you two are having the ride of a lifetime..Melbourne is still in drought, but winter is slowly decending. The days are still warm but the nights are getting cold. Looking forward to the next installment. Sal
17th April 2007

Sorry i have not responded in a while it is only becasue it makes me Jealous that you are having an amazing time and I am stuck at work ha ha , keep the updates coming really enjoy reading them
17th April 2007

You seem to be having a blast :)
The pictures are great and so is the write up... I'm so happy for you... You guys seem to be doing all the right things so I'll keep coming back to check up on your next adventure :)
19th April 2007

I've just caught up on your travels over the last month - what a trip and you've still got lots more to come. Thanks for sharing it through the blog. Maribyrnong is choofing along - big achievement on Tuesday when we voted to go carbon neutral - for council itself by 2015 and the community by 2020. And it was unanimous!
23rd April 2007

Awesome stuff!
Hi Susan, Wow, you and Dave sure are having an adventure of a lifetime. Your travel journals are really entertaining to read You should write a book about it all! Anyway keep the stories coming. I am sooo jealous... Take care and stay safe :)
24th April 2007

Maribyrnong Goes Green!
WOW! What a fantastic achievement! I'm so proud of everyone there for making it happen!! Keep up the great work!

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