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March 21st 2012
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<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;"><em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">“I had seen those astonishing snow peaks to the north; to close that distance, to go step by step across the greatest range on Earth...was a true pilgrimage, a journey of the heart.” When speaking with my parents some months ago over Skype, informing them of my intentions to undertake the chall... Read Full Entry

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22nd March 2012

A True Adventure
An absolutely captivating blog with glorious images. It is wonderful that you were able to share this with your father; you are very fortunate that he shares your passion for exploration and adventure, he seems a remarkable man. I'm sure the memory of your shared trek will remain strongly ingrained in your memory forever, and whenever you reminiscence about these ten remarkable days in the future, a contented smile will always gladden your face.
30th April 2012

I'm very lucky to have had the chance
Not many get the opportunity to do this with their father so I count myself very fortunate. We've always been close and this experience will be remembered for a long time! (He's talking about Everest now...from the Tibet side!) I think he's caught the travel is rather contagious!
22nd March 2012

Stunning Picture ! Keep exploring!!
22nd March 2012
Himalayan sunrise

lovely pic
you've got ones of the best photos here. keep it up :) x
30th April 2012
Himalayan sunrise

Its an unbelievably beautiful place! Hope you're well!
22nd March 2012

Hi, from Argentina
Excellent. Very useful blog. I am not going to do that kind of trekking but I think you described it so well that you deserve a prize, haha What a landscape. But what I like most is the people, always the people. Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
23rd March 2012

Beyond my dreams
Your story extremely well told and illustrated. Congratulations to both, you - and your adventurous father. A little late now for me to excperience the wonders of this remakable journey, though we keep taking on a few strenuous hikes! Sadly we can't turn the clock back.
24th March 2012

fab shots
I love your photos, keep them coming.
30th March 2012

The amazing adventures of Chris & Amy continues into the Himalayas...and to ensure he believes you...Dad had to come too! What a joy for you all. I love such climes...your pics capture the allure beautifully.
30th April 2012

Thanks again Dave
Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, we've allowed ourselves to get too far behind with these comments. It was a great experience doing the trek with my dad, I speak with him over skype now and he's still nostalgic about'll live long in the memory. If you go to Nepal, I can't recommend this trek enough! Hope you're well!
13th May 2012

Really enjoyed your writing
and beautiful photos, thanks.

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