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December 20th 2006
Published: December 26th 2006
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FINALLY got to Malaysia (took me 4 days!) and was really great to spend time with my relatives again - and as usual, EATING pretty much every hour on the hour, shopping and spent lots of time visiting family and going out with my cousins. Was such a relief to be in a familiar place and not have to worry about how to get around, where to stay etc for a while, and my cousin Adrienne from London was also back for holiday so was really fun. Everywhere was sooo Christmassy, which was very exciting as it was the first Christmas signs I'd seen!

Also re-bought my lovely camera that got stolen in Cambodia and picked up my stunning diamond ring which I had chosen on my previous trip - yay! The plan was to have a nice restful time before India, but turned out to be just the opposite - hectic! So much to do, people to see, dishes to eat and ended up only getting about 5 hours sleep every night and so ended up with the flu!

Made it to the airport on Sunday 17th to fly to India, to meet my friend Heidi for a few days before my mum flew out. Was trying to be all sweet at the check-in desk to get an upgrade and all was going well until...."er - Mam, you're not actually booked onto this flight". Whaaaat?? Turns out my itinerary had been changed and I'd never known about it.

So couldn't get onto that flight because it was fully booked. Luckily I could call my uncle to come pick me up again, but was Sunday so all airline offices closed, and meant I missed meeting Heidi and catching our overnight train to Varanasi which we'd booked ages ago. Was gutted! Was also worried that I wouldn't be able to get a flight at all in time to meet my mum - didn't think she'd love being in India by herself!

In the end it turned well - got another flight for a few days later, which meant I had time to recover from the flu and spend more time with my family which was great. Not so good for the waistline though as the more time spent in Malaysia means the more food consumed!

Now off to India to meet mum for a one week private luxury tour - 5* deluxe hotels, CAN'T WAIT!!!

It's nearly Chriiiiistmas, woo!

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Offically a qualified accountant!Offically a qualified accountant!
Offically a qualified accountant!

Adrienne getting her final ACA results
The aftermathThe aftermath
The aftermath

My family leaves nothing uneaten...
Late night post-booze eating at local stallsLate night post-booze eating at local stalls
Late night post-booze eating at local stalls

The Malaysian equivalent of going for a kebab!
Decorating the little tree in our house!Decorating the little tree in our house!
Decorating the little tree in our house!

Wasn't quite like home, but at least it was Christmassy!
Visiting santa's grotto with my cousinsVisiting santa's grotto with my cousins
Visiting santa's grotto with my cousins

Think I was more excited than the kids were!

28th December 2006

hey - u finally updated your blog! hope u had a great indian xmas - can't wait to see more pics! guess what -i chopped off my hair!!! was totally unplanned..anyway, days here passing by wayyy too quickly! don't want holiday to end!! see u soon! x
5th June 2007

definitely twins, adrienne and u! cheers, world-traveller!

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