Day 2 Kuala Lumpur

Published: March 31st 2014
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You decide what this is referring to!
Our day began with a morning run in the City Center Park. We thought by getting up early, that we would beat the heat. Ummmm.... Not so much. It was plus 30 and 100% humidity by 9:00. Midday found us by the pool at our hotel for a much needed cooling off swim. We did a bit of walking around as we do most days, just observing the area from street level. We both agree that you can observe more detail this way as opposed to taking a taxi or riding the subway, also the smells of the street are a large part of the Asia experience.

We are staying in a bustling, well developed part of the city in a beautiful 5 star Marriott Hotel. The area is popular with Middle Eastern and Arabic nationalities and their wealth is immediately apparent. As such, this area caters to this type of clientele by providing an endless supply of high class and exclusive shopping plazas everywhere around our hotel. All of the high end brand name stores are available. Although we are very comfortable in our hotel with all the western amenities, we find it much more interesting and stimulating exploring the local sections of town so we spent the evening in Kampung Bahru.

Kampung Bahru is an area of town where locals still live in traditional wooden houses on stilts and live a simple life in the middle of a giant modern city. The real estate that their area sits on is almost priceless, however the residents are protected as this community is recognized as a historic site. Recently a development company offered 1.6 billion dollars for the small parcel of land that comprises Kampong Bahru......the offer was declined. For now, the people that live there are not in danger of losing their homes.

Unfortunately, we were unable to take any photos of the Kampung Homes. It was evening when we arrived and also prayer time in the nearby mosque. Prayers from the Koran were being broadcast throughout the area on loudspeakers for those unable to be at the mosque and could be heard throughout the community. We didn't feel comfortable taking pictures in the Kampong of people's homes but managed a few photos and video while we were eating dinner at a local food stall. (We apologize but unfortunately this blog site does not allow the upload of video)

We had a true taste of local fare at a few food stalls and ended up at what seemed to be the place to be for young people to hang out as well as show off their motorcycles. Lots of teenage excitement as it was also the day that the Formula One race was held In Malaysia. Teenage boys, impressing teenage girls with their bikes while smoking cigarettes. (We are officially old and uncool).

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Another fantastic food stall.

In a row.
Excellent SatayExcellent Satay
Excellent Satay

Mind the cockroaches under the table......for real!

This one is for Chip and Nathan and Dad!

Just really good eats!

31st March 2014

I love the history and stories that you give about the sights you see, and envious of your morning runs in an exciting new place. I\'ve been reading every post. Keep \'em coming. Hope things are safe and wonderful. <3
31st March 2014

Totally loving this blog! Great pics & descriptions! xx

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