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August 21st 2008
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Taman Negara National Park is spread over 4343 sq km of dense lowland forest.

We arrived here just as the heavens opened and when i mention heavans, its not like rain we have at home, but luckly we found a motel to stay in, as where we wanted to stay were all fully booked, school holidays or something for the Malay people.

We got up and got our permits to be here and did a walk through the jungle to a canopy walk, which is 30m off the ground and is 500m long swaying bridge, made from aluminium ladders bound by rope, supported at 26m intervals by 250yrs old trees. It took a couple of them to get used to the walk but after that it was good fun, the views were great, but didnt see much wildlife.

We stayed here 3nights, and each night the heavens opened, we all had run out of clean clothes to wear, so i did some hand washing, hung it out onthe balcony, woke in the middle of the night to heavy rain so all our nearly dry clothes were soaking wet, so on go the pants etc from the day or even the day before that - nice!! at least we all smelt the same.

We were still on Detox as there is no beer sold here, there is a posh hotel across river, which did sell it but to get a small beer was to expensive for our budget!

It was really nice here, the jungle was good fun, saw monkeys swinging onthe trees, i dont think they liked us being there, as they came across above our heads and started shaking the tree so all the water from the rain came down on us.

Dan did a night walk in the jungle and saw lots of creatures and plant life, he came back so excited, we thought he had been drinking!

I was too scared to do that, so Stu and I did the 4x4 Night Safari around a Palm Oil Platation and saw owls, flying squirrels, leopard cats, rats, bats, Slow Loris and birds, really good fun.

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