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June 17th 2010
Published: June 19th 2010
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I'm in love with Malaysia.

KL was clean, efficient, diverse and very tourist friendly.

Melaka is just plain gorgeous.

It took us two hours to get here from KL, on the most comfortable bus I think SE Asia must have to offer. It was luxury! The cost? 5USD.

We arrived to Melaka Sentral around 2pm, the bus station just outside of town, and immediately purchased bus tickets for tomorrow to Singapore so that we wouldn't have to deal with it later. Then, a nice taxi driver who spoke English drove us to our hostel, the Kancil Guesthouse.

Our hostel is very unique- it's a family's home and sort of in an open courtyard format. Our room has no AC, and just a shared bathroom. But hey, for a little over 10USD a night, I can't complain. It's nice. 😊

We spent most of the afternoon just wandering around the town. Malacca has only around 700,000 people, so for a SE Asian city, it's pretty small. It was at one time conquered and colonized by the Portuguese, and later ceded to the Dutch, both leaving distinct impressions on the city's architecture and design (not to mention food).

We walked around a lot, just taking pictures and enjoying the sights. We then walked over a small bridge and were suddenly in Chinatown. We can't escape China!! Randomly, we hit upon a place called Geographer's Cafe and decided it was dinner time. Best idea ever. We enjoyed two traditional Malaysian dishes- Nasi Lemak and Lontong. The best part, though, was that they were specifically made VEGETARIAN. We also enjoyed a veggie tofu salad. I love food.

To end the evening, we bypassed the overpriced, probably boring river cruise and instead opted to check out the local movie theater. Another brilliant idea. For just 10USD, we both got tickets to a 3D evening showing of Toy Story 3. I was already a huge Toy Story fan, but even if you're not, go see it. You'll laugh the whole time, guaranteed. 😊

We're off already tomorrow to Singapore! A quick trip through Malaysia, but we've enjoyed every second of it.


19th June 2010

another successful day...I do see another time in your lives where SE Asia will tempt you to return!
19th June 2010

I am glad to hear you enjoyed Malaysia as I have heard mixed reactions to it. Hope you are enjoying Singapore.
20th June 2010

I've read folks writing completely different views from yours. It all depends on how one views things - half full or half empty. :)
21st June 2010

10 USD is pretty darn good for toy story in 3D! well maybe not by SE Asia standards...but for US, you got a deal! We paid $14.50/each for it in 3D here Friday night, but I agree, sooooo worth it!! :) glad you're having such a good time love, now post pics! i'm not demanding at all...

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