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February 14th 2011
Published: February 14th 2011
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Have you ever suffered from claustraphobia on a plane? No? Me neither, until now that is. Yikes, need to find a workaround for that toot sweet or my travel days are over for good.

Creeping sensations of it appeared before I'd even entered the plane when a herd of elephants (oh alright, a small group pf people - but they surely sounded like a herd of elphants!) thundered up behind me on the walkway. Got on top of it fairly sharpish though, made it on to the plane and all was well.

Or so I thought, alas it returned with a vengance a few hours later. The next 9 hours were spent counting my breaths in an effort to deflect my thought (at that point they mostly centred around the hurling onself out of the nearest emergency exit - not such a grand plan when sans paracheute)- so, in for 7 out for 11, in for 7 out 11, in for 7 out.... you get the idea. NINE hours of that people, nine hours. Certainly put my wait in Schiphol into persective I can tell you.

The poor couple sat next to me had no idea what was wrong and kept politely enquiring if they could get me an attendant. All I could do was stare bug eyed at them and shake my head, short of getting me off that plane immediately (thinking that wouldn't have been an option) there was really sod all anyone could do for me. Got so worked up I ended up making myself ill, this in turn meant I had to venture into the airplane toilet (this is generally a place I avoid at all costs - usualky I make like a camel when flying). Not sure about you but locking yourself in a 3 foot by 3 foot box is probably the least wise thing under the circumstances but no way was I being ill in public. Of course I then managed to lock myself in and the fun really began when I founf I couldn't get out. Memory is a little hazy but I suspect I eventually began banging on the door like a mad thing until I was let out by a cross looking flight attendant. Ooops.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I travel alone. It would simply be far too embarassing for anyone else to accompany me.

Got to KLIA (never have I been so forcefull in exiting a plane) and promptly got lost. For some reason my brain just would not compute, I kept searching the monitors for details of flight to KL (er hello brain - we are already in KL!) and couldn't quite work out if I needed to collect my luggage or not (well yes, of course I did, I was already there. Doh!)

Anyhow, you get the picture. Really worried about how I'm going to manage the flight home now, wonder if they sell diazepam over the counter in Cambodia? Worst case scenario, I'll have to return home overland. If so then would some kind member of my family please advise the ward I may be a little late for my 1st shift back ... about a fortnight or so at best guess.

Currently sitting in departures waiting for a flight to Siem Reap, just a little worried after yesterdays shenanigans but it's only a short flight so I should be OK. If not, well, in for 7 out 11.....

PS Made it to Siem Reap, flight was fine - although it took a lot of effort on my part continually reminding myself it was fine. Not quite out of the woods yet then.

PPS Oh yes my luggage did make it to KL. Very nearly missed it though as they'd got fed up waiting for me to appear and collect it and were about to transport it to - well wherever the unwanted luggage gets transported to I suppose - must have taken me longer than I thought to collect my wits, and yet I have so few to gather. Go figure.


21st February 2011

once again Jen, your writing keeps me reading. i was feeling breathless with you, damn those tiny, cramped little flying tubes. if you can get diazapam over the counter save me one, know of a few stressful situations myself. lol well, onward dear intrepid explorer. xx

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