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November 16th 2008
Published: November 23rd 2008
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First day in Luang Prabang after that hellish bus journey. We changed 100 pounds and got back 1,250,000 kip, we're millionaires....yippee!
Pretty quiet through the day, its only a small town and not really much to do (apart from sight seeing trips) but we wandered round the shops and stalls. We booked some mountain bikes for tomorrow and went out for a few cocktails. After about 3 each I think I must have had a reaction to the alcohol because my face and neck went all blotchy so wasn't in the mood to carry on drinking but Baz persuaded me to go to one more bar. We ended up meeting a couple of essex girls who told us that all the bars close at 11.30 and the only place to go is ten pin bowling...bizzarre! We needed to fill a touk touk so we persuaded a group of irish guys and girls and set off. Obviously my rash had now gone...ha! It was really busy, there's about 7 lanes, couldn't get on for a while so we drank and chatted at the bar. As everyone knows I hate beer so we decided to get a bottle of whiskey and coke, it seems the in thing to do in SE Asia, all the young ones are doing it. After about half hour we got a lane, it cost 1 pound 50 each, its about a tenner back home! I t was a good laugh and Baz was on top form, think he got 7 strikes in total, he won obviously. The Essex girls, Alex and Liz started drinking the whiskey with us, and got pretty drunk pretty quick. Alex even started coming onto Baz...she must have been drunk...ha ha! No really, she was and Baz was lapping it up, no snog though but he said he wasn't interested???
Got back at 3ish, Baz killed a cockroach and went to bed.


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