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October 26th 2016
Published: October 26th 2016
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Russian heritage, although they were born in OshRussian heritage, although they were born in OshRussian heritage, although they were born in Osh

Several of these girls looked like they could be Irish1
Fascinating Kyrgyzstan! We are on another ACDI VOCA assignment. Ed working with farmers with their fruit orchards. And investigating certification options so they can export. I continue to work on business skills. We both are enjoying our time here. It is fascinating as it is an amazing blend of so many cultures. A very strong Soviet presence as far as infrastructure. And hard to believe we are only 2 hrs from the Chinese border. Osh's history dates back 3000 years and was an important stop on the Silk Route. In a smaller town nearby, it has a huge bazaar with all 'shops' made from double stacked shipping containers. Trade goes way back!!

This morning there was a celebration in the main square for the Uzbekistan visit. Our 24 yr old translator told us, for her entire life she never heard anything good about the Uzbecks. The Uzbeck president passed away in Aug and finally relations are beginning to thaw between the two countries. There were about 7 yurts displayed and lots of school children and adults in traditional dress representing Kyrgyzs, Uzbeks, and Russians. I was initially alittle hesitant to bring out the camera, but once I did, lots of people were very willing to have their photos taken.

So, with my new Surface computer and a fast internet, this has been the easiest blog to post pics!

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School children hamming for the cameraSchool children hamming for the camera
School children hamming for the camera

The hats are traditional but commonly worn by the older men.
Flower stallsFlower stalls
Flower stalls

A section of one street has beautiful fresh flowers for sale.
Wedding coachWedding coach
Wedding coach

Oct is wedding month and every night we see at least 5 of these extended limos!
Another version of the wedding coachAnother version of the wedding coach
Another version of the wedding coach

Weddings are a very big event here.

26th October 2016

Fascinating Kyrgyzstan
Thank you for keeping us updated on your exciting travels!! Rosemary may be joining you. I'm not sure when. Enjoy your days and feel fulfilled that you are helping our world!!
26th October 2016

Dobrey utrey
Ochen horroshou 🙌
27th October 2016

The Magicians of travel
Well I was wondering when the next trip would be and here it is. The magicians of travel you are and kudos to both of you. Lovely dress these folks where and the wedding coach is outrageous. Keep up the goodwill as the election madness is upon us. I did see a bear with his or her paw on a guardrail two days ago wait for me to drive by and then cross the road safely. Happy travels. Grant

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