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March 23rd 2010
Published: April 1st 2010
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After a very restful sleep and treating myself to breakfast. Patricia and I walked to the samurai district via a small market and then onto Kenrouken gardens. One of japans most popular gardens the whole time sharing experiences and backgrounds. The samurai district was frankly disappointing and id later find out the geisha area was similarly a letdown. The samurai district was 2/3 streets with older style buildings but none of them open to the public. I think they’re now private homes but the external façade has to be preserved for heritage. Kenrouken was worth the walk and cost though, it was beautiful, as I was there in march the plum and cherry blossoms were in the early stages of blooming. We strolled through and took time to appreciate the place. We didn’t realize it but we’d spent 7 hours walking and seeing the three main attractions of the town and time was getting on so we headed back for me to collect my belongings and I stayed true to my promise from the previous day stopping in to get a snack en route. Today’s experience on the train would be much less hassle than before, The whole trip would take 4hours and only involved one stop. I went from kawakawa to shin Osaka by limited express train and found out my train to Hiroshima was delayed by 2 minutes due to typhoon winds , a whole two minutes, the Japanese work ethic isn’t what I believed it to be. Two minutes late…disgraceful! I boarded the Shinkansen bullet train to Hiroshima. The Shinkansen (Bullet trains) are brilliant. They are so smooth, they have reclining seats and as much leg room as a business class seat on a plane. Tomorrow I would visit Hiroshima peace park and see the atomic bomb museum. I have high hopes for this, so much so I’ve set aside a full day to see it. The thing is you pay for absolutely everything in japans and its dear, some of the museums id seen had very little in side and were actually very boring, some of the free museums in the U.K give you a hell of a lot more to see and do than the ones here. The museum has pictures of the devastation caused by the bomb and some artifacts that make you take stock to the devastation suffered by the unsuspecting people on the ground just going about their daily routine completely unaware that they were taking their last steps and drawing their last breaths. The hostel here was easy to find, I was directed to the tram line that stops at the main station and upon hearing me enquire as to which stop to take the driver kindly offered to point it out to me. The hostel was only 5minutes walk from the museum and a 20 minute journey to Miyajima via tram and the ferry to the island which was included in my rail pass. In the lobby two guys approached me on hearing my accent, they asked where I was from etc sand again within minutes I had plans to see the museum with some company but first it was time to sleep.


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