Tokyo Custom Car Show 2006 - "Pimp my Ride", Tokyo style !!

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April 30th 2006
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I can't be bothered to write the text right now after uploading all these pictures. I think the title should speak for itself. Anyway, sit back and enjoy some unadulterated, automotive porn !

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Tokyo Big SightTokyo Big Sight
Tokyo Big Sight

Odaiba, Tokyo
Mini CooperMini Cooper
Mini Cooper

Check the wheels.

F40 I think ??

F40 I think ??

Carbon fibre everywhere...
Mercedes interiorMercedes interior
Mercedes interior

Screens everywhere...
Mercedes interiorMercedes interior
Mercedes interior

3 in each door !

11th May 2006

luvin tha cars
15th May 2006

you labelled a lot of of the lamborghinis ferrari. did you do that on purpose? or are they selling lamborghinis there as ferraris?
16th May 2006

re: mislabelled
Yeah, ok mate, I'm not great with remembering cars. I think if it was red and looked fast, I put 'Ferrari' !! If anyone would like to correct any of the many I probably got wrong, let me know which ones, and I'll change them!
15th June 2007

well, you can start by relabelling all the lamborghini's correctly
13th March 2009

lovely cars. looks really amazing and yeah also very tempting..LOL well i just bought car stereo with car stereo installation guide for my car...
11th February 2010

can this business be extended some where far from japan?

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