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February 11th 2006
Published: February 11th 2006
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Roppongi Street PartyRoppongi Street PartyRoppongi Street Party

Yvette & Kathrin
Thank God It's Friday...

...Could possibly be the best name for a pub ever. Genius.

And you know your night is going to be out of the ordinary when the evening starts at 11:30pm, on the street, drinking a $3 beer bought from the 7/11. Why pay $10 inside a bar when the 7/11 provides such a reasonable alternative? Genius.

Then 30 minutes later, our hands were in the air for 'Living on a Prayer'. Followed by Venga Boys 'Brazil' and Madonna's 'Hung Up'. Genius.

However, after an hour and a half in the 'Mowtown 2' bar in Roppongi, we had a sneaky suspicion the same songs were being replayed. It felt like I was back at the Horden seeing the Venga Boys 'live' and listening to the same songs in the encore as were 'sung' in the main set. (After disclosing this fact, many of you may not see me in quite the same light.. but rest assured I wasn't the only one on this blog subscription there). 😊

Anyway, as there's only so many times you can take that dreadful Offspring song that somehow made it to Number 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2000 (what were the Australian public thinking?!!) we decided it was time to move on.

Michael, our resident Swiss Roppongi Regular, recommended we move on to Azabu Juban, the next district, about 15mins walk from Roppongi. And it goes without saying that another pit-stop at a 7/11 was also on our course.

Arriving at our destination at about 3am, a 2 story club in Azabu, we quickly locked our coats away into one of the 200 lockers supplied in the entry way (again, what a genius idea). Ladies were free, but the boys had to part with 2,000Yen of their hard earnt cash. This at least also got them 2 free drinks, which isn't too bad.

The club was a maze. On journey to the ladies' I passed a ping pong room, pool room, chill out rooms, little private suits and of course, the dance floor, which was pumping out some solid dance tracks.

However, by about 4:30, the DJ had obviously changed and we were attempting to dance to Nirvana and Greenday. When that bloody Offspring song came on again, it was definitely time to call it a night.

Deciding to take the cop-out option of a taxi home, rather than waiting that extra 45mins for the trains to start, we collected our belongings and headed for home... Not that everyone was heading home at that hour by any means. Our taxi driver was all so excited about her evening's activities which were about to start: Taxi Base, 30 other taxi-drivers, sake and grilled food.

If the 'T.G.I.Friday' buzz in any city is directly proportional to the intensity of the working week, then it makes sense that Tokyo is at full velocity on both accounts. Tokyo almost has a disregard of time in the day and at any hour, anything is possible. Why not meet your friends at 5am? Or why not work until 2am 4 nights out of 5? (don't worry, I'm not doing this yet!)

You can always sleep in the train or during meetings. Genius.

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12th February 2006

The Offspring
Now Yvette - there is nothing wrong with The Offspring - they brought lots of joy and happiness to us all in our misguided youth. And that bit about the Venga Boys - mmmmm well I guess I have NKOTB to be embarrassed about! Nic xo
13th February 2006

"We like to party"
Vetti... have you forgotten that we actually saw the Vengaboys 'singing' TWICE...and wait a minute, isn't that all their signatures on your ticket stub? :)

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