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February 15th 2011
Published: February 15th 2011
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In front of Kichijoji stationIn front of Kichijoji stationIn front of Kichijoji station

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Destination: Kichijoji, Tokyo

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Date: November, 2009

Some of you might have already visited Tokyo a couple of times before. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Akihabara,,, all done. Temples, shrines, the Imperial Palace,,, not impressive any more. Historic gardens, amusement parks, shopping malls,,, once is enough.

Now that you have done most of things you guide book says, you need to find something new that interest you. So what do you do in such a “been there, done that” case? How do you get out of your stereotype travel box? ,,,Try Kichijoji to satisfy your adventurous appetite.

Kichijoji is frequently ranked as the number 1 town people love to live in Tokyo. With a mixture of the tranquil residential area and vibrant shopping streets, the town is a quite interesting place to explore.

Kichijoji sits in one of the Tokyo suburbs about 12km (7.5miles) away to the west from Shinjuku. 20 – 30 minute train ride is required to reach there from central Tokyo. But thanks to this isolated location, not many tourists visit there. Even Tokyo residents rarely come in town, if they don’t live nearby Kichijoji. That helps this town be less
Main st. of KichijojiMain st. of KichijojiMain st. of Kichijoji

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crowded and more laidback than other well-known towns in Tokyo. Kichijoji can be a perfect hideout to spend your day-off time.

Inokashira Park ( is a main spot of the town. The park is a good size to take a walk on a sunny day. There is a variety of facilities inside such as, aquarium, zoo (honestly looks shabby, not for adults), practice field of track and filed, tennis courts, cafes, and an open-air stage (which turns to be a main stage for the street performers of various acts on weekends).

On Sundays (or maybe on Saturdays. sorry not sure), they usually hold a flea market. The range of selling items is from secondhand clothes, hand-made crafts, original drawings or photos of young artists, unique trinket gadgets, to some food (if my memory is correct). It is very entertaining to take a look or even just to kill some time.

Right beside the park, there is a famous yakitori (or grilled chicken) bar called "Iseya"( It's pretty good and cheap. But I recommend another yakitori restaurant, called "Toriyoshi" ( which is just across the street from Iseya. Both are nice anyway.

I will introduce other Kichijoji
Arcade stArcade stArcade st

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spots that attract people’s attention on the next post.


Traveling Tips in Kichijoji

- Getting there by:
East Japan Railway Company (
Keio Inokashira Line (
Tokyo City Bus (
Tokyo Bus Information (

- To get around the Kichijoji area:
Using the public transportation is the most convenient way to make a flexible move in the area. Driving should be avoided in and around Kichijyoji, because there are a lot of narrow streets and not plenty enough of parking lots.

- Accommodation in Tokyo:
As I wrote before, you can find a good deal for your accommodation in Tokyo.
There are a couple of hotels in Kichijoji as well;
Kichijoji Dai-ichi Hotel (
Kichijoji Tokyu Inn (

- Budget Hotels in Tokyo:

- Travel Expenses:
JPY5,000 should be much enough to enjoy your day, unless you dine out at a expensive restaurant or shop tons of stuff.

- Local Tourist Information:
Hometown Kichijoji (
Good time Kichijoji (
Inokashira Park (
Tokyo Metropolitan Government (
Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association (
Tokyo Park Information ( <Japanese>😉
Tokyo Travel Guide (

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Arcade stArcade st
Arcade st

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Backstreet of KichijojiBackstreet of Kichijoji
Backstreet of Kichijoji

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@ Inokashira Park@ Inokashira Park
@ Inokashira Park

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Street to Inokashira ParkStreet to Inokashira Park
Street to Inokashira Park

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