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November 1st 2012
Published: November 1st 2012
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This morning I explored some very different neighborhoods in Tokyo. I started in Akibahara, the electronics capital of the city. This is where computer geeks and video game aficionados hang out, apparently. Indeed there were a lot of stores selling electronic gear and there was a line of young adults (mostly male) in front of the Sega store, clearly waiting for something that was about to go on sale. I also saw numerous advertisements for Windows 8. Maybe I was there at the wrong time of day, but I can't say that I found Akibahara very exciting. (See picture) Next I made my way to Kagurazaka. This is described as a "charming neighborhood" and indeed I found it very pleasant to wander around there. The streets have an old-fashioned feel to them and many people have made an effort to keep the exterior of the houses looking traditional. (See picture) There is a small shrine that I stopped to see, and I also had lunch in Kagurazaka. I stopped at a little ramen joint and had a bowl of noodles and a plate of fried rice. This time I did not point to the menu, but instead asked the waitress to
give me what was most popular. The broth that came with the noodles was thicker than I expected and they were topped with three sliced items, one of which was meat of some kind. It all tasted good, but was not very filling. Afterward I stopped for a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cone for dessert. My last stop was to Shinjuku. This area houses the Tokyo Metropolitan Government offices. I went to the top of the government tower to look out on the city from the observation deck. I find Tokyo's landscape to be flat and featureless except for occasional tall buildings that I cannot identify. My main reason for going to the observation tower was to see Mount Fuji, but it was too hazy today. (See picture) Still, it was worthwhile to get an "overview" of the city. (See picture)

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1st November 2012

Hi Bill, Tokyo looks interesting, how are you enjoying the people? Do you find them friendly and helpful? Your lunches sound pretty good. Sounds like you have been lucky with just pointing and liking what you get. But so far the best thing you had was the ice-cream cone!! That sounded good! Yum! It certainly looks like a very big and crowded city. Have you used "doma" yet? Well, keep enjoying Tokyo, take care! Linda

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