OH. My. God. I actually LIVE in Japan. A’sparse’ment madness.

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April 12th 2008
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OH. My. God. I actually LIVE in Japan. A’sparse’ment madness.

10th April, 2008

I’m writing this as I wait for my bath to fill up. Despite being the size of a large esky, it takes a surprisingly long time. This is probably because I’m using the only source of hot water in the whole apartment, which is supplied by an ageing hot water heater that gave me a fright when smoke came out of the bottom. I accidentally tried to have the water going at full trickle - which is too much for it I now know.

It’s actually sinking in now that I live here… and that is still daunting at times. I’ve only been here almost 2 weeks, but it feels more like 2 months. I think it’s because so much CHANGE has happened in such a short space of time. I’ve moved countries, stayed in two hotels, met at least 90 new people, changed jobs, and moved into my very own apartment-oops sorry, asparsement. It doesn’t really qualify for the other term yet.

So far, I have a futon bed (including blanket and pillow), I’ve gone ‘Noah’ style on my crockery…two of each, and now have rice bowls, large plates, small plates, miso bowls with lids, glasses, and breaking the rules, 5 pairs of chopsticks. Today I bought a knife, and some pegs and hangers. I bought a kettle yesterday, and some food that only requires water for preparation…so I’ve stocked up on ramen, noodles, miso, green tea, and coffee. I also have some bread (and dad, last night I dreamt that you came over and ate 8 pieces of bread at the same time) and some Katsu (breaded meat).

I’m reeeeeally watching the budget now, as I’ve realized that due to the timing of work payments and rent payments, I actually have 2 rent payments to make with my remaining money, on top of the one I’ve already paid! So that’s a hefty sum of Yen out of my pocket which explains why I shop at the haiku-en store (100 yen/$1). They’re actually well stocked. Today I bought 2 bowls, laundry detergent (for all of the fun hand-washing I’m doing this weekend), dishwashing liquid, pegs, 14 hangers, an undershirt, body wash, a sponge, a container for my sugar, my knife, and some tuna for $14! I’d say that’s a pretty handy shop to live by.
Yes I guess I’m penny pinching at the moment, but don’t worry, it won’t be cuppa udon forever! I’ve resolved not to borrow ANY money, so if I watch these bills now, I’ll be set with only 1 rent payment a month from here on out…yay! And if you’re worried about whether or not I’m starving, look at these two important points:

1) I could have stood to lose a bit of weight (and it’s working ^_^)
2) I get a square meal at the school every day. We get a kind of bento box with rice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and bread on Tuesday and Thursday.

There is also a shopping centre near me (Seiyu) whose food section is open 24/7 and if I’m really hungry I can go and buy a packet of sushi or some tempura.

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12th April 2008

Mmmm...Seiyu. Another good trick to try when penny-pinching is to go to Seiyu about 1 hr- 1/2 hr before they close. They will mark down most of the remaining bentou and osouzai (pre-cooked dishes) to at least half price. I always used to buy stuff on the way home from work and often followed the guy around with those magical discount stickers!

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