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September 15th 2011
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So I was talking to a girl at salsa class about Taiwan two weekends ago. I said that’s where I would’ve liked to have gone for summer break, but it didn’t happen (since I took the TESOL). She said I should just go for Chuseok. Chuseok is a major Korean holiday that means a 4-day weekend for me. Wow, I thought. She’s right. I could just buy a ticket and go. That was Saturday night th... Read Full Entry

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Nagasaki Kunchi FloatNagasaki Kunchi Float
Nagasaki Kunchi Float

Every year there is a festival in Nagasaki. Each district of Nagasaki puts on a performance every seven years and many use floats like this.
On the Way to Hollander SlopeOn the Way to Hollander Slope
On the Way to Hollander Slope

Hollander Slope was another neighborhood where Europeans used to live. Not much to see there now, though.
Hanging LanternsHanging Lanterns
Hanging Lanterns

It's only about 2 blocks long and consists of restaurants and some souvenir shops
Spectacles BridgeSpectacles Bridge
Spectacles Bridge

Luckily there's water in it--you can see where the name came from. It's the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan apparently (1634).

19th September 2011

oh so scenic
Laura, you sure packed a lot of sightseeing into those 3+ days. I really enjoyed getting to see those places you have been. Thought-provoking and beautiful. I am so glad you take so many great photos and also take the time to share them and your thoughts. Thanks!

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