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July 13th 2008
Published: August 17th 2008
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Mark had never been to Ritsurin and we were looking for something to do that Sunday so we caught a train to Takamatsu and rented a pair of bicycles and headed down Chuo Dori to my favorite park. As always Ritsurin was beautiful. We goofed around, took pictures and strolled the paths. At one point we were near the north plum grove and I saw some strange plants had grown up and engulfed an entire previously empty pond. I'd never seen this plant before and I practically sprinted to the pond to investigate (much to Mark’s amusement). It had giant sprouts like elephant ears with pink or white blossoms shooting slightly above the green canopies. They were lotus plants. I had never seen one before and I never expected them to be so big. I expected them to look very similar to water lilies.

When it became too hot to be I the sun we biked to the shopping arcade and browsed around various stores before stopping in at a restaurant called El Dorado. El Dorado may be the only Mexican restaurant in Kagawa and I enjoyed enchiladas before we made our way back to the station.


The only thing more aggressive than the fish were the turtles.

One of the happiest days I’ve ever had. ^_^

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The sun was really bright that day.
Gotta love JapanGotta love Japan
Gotta love Japan

It makes me giggle
Uh oh.Uh oh.
Uh oh.

The bear caught me taking his photo. ^_^ Poor guy.

18th August 2008

Takamatsu memories
Yep, have to agree with you - Ritsurin Koen is one of the nicest places in Kagawa. I lived in Kagawa about 10 years ago (for a year). Takamatsu memories....... :-)

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