Learning to Bow at Kabe Senior High School

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March 14th 2007
Published: December 29th 2007
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Learning to Bow at Kabe Senior High School “kiritsu” “ley” “onegaishimasu” These are the 3 words I hear before I start every class. I remember my first class - standing in front of 20 first-year Japanese high school students clad in blue uniform - absolutely petrified. The translation (which I learned very quickly) is “stand up” “bow” “Let’s begin class.” I stood ... Read Full Entry

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Saka  Indoor ShoesSaka  Indoor Shoes
Saka Indoor Shoes

Guess which one is me
Team TeachingTeam Teaching
Team Teaching

Makino sensei explaing the Japanese, then I do the English
Awesome HairAwesome Hair
Awesome Hair

I have never seen hair that was so high
Saka JHS  English TeachersSaka JHS  English Teachers
Saka JHS English Teachers

Makino sensei, me, Baba sensei, and Tanaka Sensei. Makino sensei and I talk about golf and Tanaka sensei and I talk about U2 and scuba diving.
Indoor SlippersIndoor Slippers
Indoor Slippers

I have fun with my socks durin gthe winter
Kabe Graduation CeremonyKabe Graduation Ceremony
Kabe Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations san-nenseis!

17th July 2007

You SO described what I went through 2-4 years ago (seems ages ago)! I LOVED Hirosho, my favourite school by far and Tsuchimura sensei was my ANGEL. She truly is an amazing person. Treasure these memories. I know that they last few weeks will feel like it is dragging on, but soon you will wish for those stares, personal questions and even natto! (well, maybe not natto, but you know what I mean).
21st June 2010

Akiminami High School
Hi my name is Jared Jensen i was just reading through your blog and saw that you were a ALT teacher At Akinan. I was a scholorshp student for rugby at Akinan for a year and a bit i got there at the start of 2009 when were you at Akinan??..
25th July 2011

Hello there! I taught there in 2005-2007, so way before you :). Sounds like your experience was amazing playing rugby in Japan! I myself played on a touch rugby Japan. I miss the country!

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