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October 31st 2006
Published: October 31st 2006
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Scooby Dooby DooScooby Dooby DooScooby Dooby Doo

Where are you?
Happy Halloween everyone!
It seems like we've been celebrating it here in Japan for the past week, that it's hard to believe that the day has actually arrived. Dressing up in Japan was a riot - they sure love their costumes!!! The Scooby Doo gang was a hit - although Shaggy was nowhere to be found....he was probably off someone doing what he does best....
Other than that - things are moving right a long here on the big island. I woke up with one of my friends about a week ago to watch the first game of the series at a bar in Tokyo.... went to a traditional tea ceremony with on of my colleagues from work....and attempted backpacking in OZE only to be shut out by a typoon, and then sit squished in what seemed like a "holding shelter" with about 100 other people for a couple hours - to then wander around a small-as town waiting to catch the next bus out....
For my first fall in Japan - it seems to me like an Ohio September that has just kept on going and going. The weather is beautiful...and I really haven't even had to pull out a jacket at all - even though everyone else seems to be well into fall fashion.
Other than that, the book I contributed on will be out next month, and I'm preparing for "Lambchop's Adventure" in the ESL Scavenger Hunt I designed that's reminds me of "The Apprentice" meets "The Amazing Race" using English. Should be interesting.... I hope it works out!
Take care, and be in touch....the door is always open, and I've got an extra futon....
Di xo.... 😊

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Must be someone's birthday???

It looks nice here...but when we were walking sideways and the rain was pelting us, that umbrella was a wonderful investment!

Making the most of it!

We got a rainbow though!
Tea timeTea time
Tea time

I ta da ki masu.
"My Station" - Mimomi"My Station" - Mimomi
"My Station" - Mimomi

Must be the weekend - so many bikes.

1st November 2006

Good to Hear
Diane, It is good to hear you are doing well and that the fall has been a beautiful season. Keep up with the wonderful adventures, and hopefully Betsy and I will be able to join you in the future. Take Care. -Eric
1st November 2006

Sounds like a blast, never stop rockin! I know yor adventure scavenger hunt will be awesome. Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st November 2006

Niceee Diane, very inspiring place! Everytime I see the pics I just feel like leaving everything behind and just go there! hahaha kisses!
13th November 2006

Wow, hard to believe I might be starting one of these bad boys. I set the Chiba weather on my desktop and I must say, it's definitely psyching me up for the job - since autumn is my fave-fave-favorite. With luck, 4 months and counting. xoxoxox

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