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What's the superlative of beautiful? Extremely beautiful? Extraordinarily beautiful? Awe-inspiringly beautiful? What if none of these fits the bill? I have come to such a place, for a fleeting moment and then it was gone, like an otherworldly sunset that disappears beyond the horizon. But how did I get there? It was a long trek. It started with me landing in Bali, after my sojourn in Perth. I had a week to spare. Why? Because the boat that would take me near the place I have mentioned above (but not to it), would only leave in a week... from Tual, which you might remember lies on the Kei Islands. I decided to spent that week on Bali rather than the Kei Island, however pretty they are. It would be slightly cheaper, plus it gave me the ... read more
Lembongan Island
Ceningan Island
Ceningan Island

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