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Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Cenderawasih Bay November 28th 2011

I just spent a month in, quite literally, the middle of nowhere. You know you've spent too much time in a remote region like Papua once you start to look at any inanimate object as 'currency'. Any time that there is something that I am about to throw out, that I do not need, but that could still be used by someone else for something else, I stop and think about what I could trade it for. Not that I need anything really, but it's just fun to trade for things instead of using money. I haven't used an ATM, or even seen one for that matter, in well over a month now. You know you've been in the middle of nowhere for too long when you consider seeing a couple of dugout canoes as being ... read more
Yellowfin Tuna
Hanging on
Ripping Current

Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Cenderawasih Bay November 3rd 2011

This day was pretty much the most amazing experience I've had underwater to date. Ok, it was DEFINITELY the most amazing thing I've ever seen in the water......and I've seen a little bit. Cenderawasih Bay holds the distinction of being the one of the only places in the world where you are nearly guaranteed to see a whale shark in the water. SCHOOLING whale sharks at that! Whale sharks are one of the most elusive animals in the ocean, and are kind of like the 'holy grail' of diving. When I lived on Maui, was lucky enough to see one out at Molokini. I remember that all the guys I worked with were mad at me because I had been in the water with a 35' whale shark after only working on boats for about 3 ... read more
Feeding Time
Free Ride

Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Cenderawasih Bay November 2nd 2011

Throughout this journey, we have been stopping at villages along the way to see if they would be something that our boss might be interested in seeing. Each village has been located in incredibly remote areas that have really been untouched by current civilization. It's not a bad thing. It has been really interesting. I swear that I think we are pretty much the only white people that most of the locals in these villages have ever seen. The first village we pulled up to, called Yendi, was located right on the water. We dropped the anchor, and 5 minutes later there were 6 dugout canoes hovering around our stern, just curious, seeing what we were up to. They weren't trying to sell anything, they weren't begging for anything, they just wanted to have a look ... read more
Fishing at the Pier

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