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Asia » Indonesia » Sumba » Waikabubak February 18th 2009

PASOLA Lamboya 18th February So we set off again after the false start on 15th, We choose to start late missing the ceremony on the beach and the Nayel worms heralding the commencement of the initial battle between 2 riders before the whole Pasola starts in earnest up on the field. Previous experience of the dawn start with traditional ceremonies had resulting in us standing a wood for hours with the appointed holy man coming out of his hut from time to time to scratch his nuts and go back in again. So we would just do the main event. I am glad we did people reported later that is was a small spiritual affair and tourists had intruded, some pigs ignoring the pleas not to take photographs and snapping away anyway, pure ignorance. One guy ... read more
And the  people came to
The man in Red
Having fun

Asia » Indonesia » Sumba » Waikabubak February 13th 2009

A visit to the beautiful Indonesian Island of Sumba the people here are largely Christian but the Christianity seems to be lightly laid on top of the traditional system of ancestor worship. We had to fly into Waingapu in the East of the Island; the Flight we had planned for the 13th to Tambulaka with Transnusa had been cancelled. I arrived in Denpasar to late for Merapati airlines flight which uses a bigger plane. So we booked the flight to East Sumba for the next day, flights were filling up for the Pasola. We phoned ahead to Hotel Artha in Waikabubak and he had arranged a car back there for Rp 600,000 this is high by Indonesia standards. From memory the drive takes around 3.5 hours. The landscape unfolded as promised with wonderful views and rolling ... read more
Kids This is what happens at a Village not familiar with the odd european visitor.
And still they came
Buffalo pond and village

Asia » Indonesia » Sumba » Waikabubak December 9th 2008

Today Om Anis took me on the back of his motorbike to go around the villages and landscapes around Sumba. We stopped by at three points to see the potential area for the next office we’re going to build. The last one was the most likely it’s gonna be. Biggest and closer to every other institutions who are working with us. There’s a catholic cave behind it, They painted Mother Mary and Jesus in front of it. Not the best paintings, but I’m sure they try their best. Sumbanese put the family tombs in the middle of family houses complex. On the 3 hours ride on the bike I see so many various tombs everywhere, it so megalithic. We stopped by at some places to watch and take pictures of some birds. The scenery was green ... read more
thank you om
Photo 2
halo, selamat siang.

Asia » Indonesia » Sumba » Waikabubak December 8th 2008

Our office at Sumba is the coolest since it has a hut on the backyard, where you can lay around and reach mangoes from the tree beside it. I spent the next morning chatting with the Sumba staff here while we pick peel and eat the mangoes. The team leader and awareness officer from Flores office also came to Sumba to attend the wedding as well. They told me so many stories about Flores makes me want to go to Labuan Bajo soooo bad! Crossing my fingers to next year. The people at the office called me to run out sometimes so I can see people bring buffalos to traditional ceremony. In the afternoon Oom Doms was ready with his motorbike so we could ride after and took a video of it. People of Sumba eat ... read more
at the church
the wedding reception

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