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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau July 24th 2013

We fly into Padang and decide to spend at least a day there on the advice of lonely planet. Well lonely planet is wrong on this one. Padang is not nice. It just another overcrowded city, but more devout so we struggle to get lunch. It is our first taste of Sumatera though and it is very different from Bali and Java. We feel like celebrities, everyone says hello and asks how we are. We go into a pharmacy to buy cream and all the female staff stand and stare at me. It is very strange and takes some getting used to. The people are so nice; everyone seems happy to see you and wants to talk to you. Anyway we skip out of this place pretty quick. Our next stop is Lake Maninjau. It is ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau June 15th 2013

It wasn't exactly in my original plans but I decided to do it anyway. After the 2h bus ride from Padang northwards to the highland of Bukittingi, I decided to continue 2h westwards to Danau Minanjau, a 16x8 km volcanic crater lake. LP mentioned that the ride there would be memorable, and that was certainly true! The steep final descent to the lake area featured 44 (yes, forty-four) twisting hairpins ala Initial D or Monaco GP, complete with signboards counting you down through each and every one of them! And as you make your winding way down, the calm sky-blue lake and volcanic crater walls beckon in the distance. Certainly not your everyday welcome! It's a bit of a mystery to me why this unforgettable entrance to a spectacular volcanic crater lake isn't more well-known among ... read more
Minangkabau Cuisine
Maninjau Padi
Hairpin No. 9

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau January 26th 2011

Sumatera has been a dream of ours for some time and to finally be here is wonderful. This place has delivered far more of the adventure than we expected to find and yet my spine is in quite some pain. There is a trans-sumatera highway that runs an incredibly zig-zaged path from Banda Aceh (north tip) to Banderlampung (south tip). There are few stretches where the road travels straight in any direction, you are always crawling uphill or hurtling downward at unsafe speeds and angles. From lake Toba we reached the unimpressive capital Medan with our one goal of obtaining Iron Maiden tickets. This goal was easily completed as the mall where they were sold was 2 km from our mini-hotel. In a stark juxtaposition the grand mosque of sumatera is across the street from where ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau May 25th 2010

Went straight for a swim again first thing (well 11:30ish :p) this morning in the lovely warm lake then dried off whilst waiting for brekkie, pancakes mm mmm. Sitting on the grass we noticed that we had the tiniest of leeches on our feet that were a right bugger to get off! Sat in the restaurant to eat and played a game of chess. 2 guys from Switzerland came this morning (the Malaysian have left can't have it getting too crowded) and we talked at length about our travelling and theirs (1 of the guys had been like everywhere so it was very interesting to listen to his stories and opinions). They mentioned the infamous horrendous bus trip to Lake Toba that we're doing in a couple of days (they took the same bus as the ... read more
Maninjau 1
Maninjau 2
Maninjau 3

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau May 24th 2010

So it was that time of year again, another year older but this time it was probably unlike any other birthday I've ever had. Just outside our bungalow we were greeted by a calm, beautiful lake Maninjau so we headed for a swim to start the morning. The water was lovely and warm, warmer than most swimming pools (even Mum would have gone in). Naturally I tried to swim in all the photos of the scenery that Suse was attempting to take. Once out we laid on the lawn to dry off. I had an awesome coconutshake (fresh from the tree) and taught Suse how to play Chess. Whilst we were laid out enjoying the sun and the peace (we were the only guests at the bungalows) one of the guys who helps out round the ... read more
Maninjau  1
Maninjau 2
Maninjau 3

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau May 23rd 2010

7 seater 4WD picked us up at about 10.30am. We then spent the next neigh on hour picking up locals and carrier bags and boxes. By the end of the hour Rob was squished behind a woman with a kid that had reclined her seat into him and I had boxes balanced precariously behind my head though the girl next to me was worst off as the boxes kept burying her whenever we took a tight turn! The guy was a rubbish driver who seemingly wanted us dead and didn't understand the meaning of gears however after about 1hr 30 we got there alive (after 44 hairpin turns, a stop while one girl was sick and driving past lots of cheeky moneys that were not at all perturbed by cars) and it was well worth it! ... read more
Maninjau 1
Maninjau 2
Maninjau 3

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau March 3rd 2010

Tultiin niin myohaan jarvelle, etta jouduttiin yopymaan kaupungissa ja lahtemaan saarelle vasta seuraavana aamuna.... read more
Balcony in the front of Our Room

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau August 10th 2009

hello all, as another week bites the dust it is time for another installment from the past week and its adventures. 4th Aug We decided we'd have a lie in for once, unfortunately we were woken once again at 4.30 for another prayer session so that was that out the window. We headed to the local markets for a couple of hours to see if we could see anything worth purchasing, there wasn't - unless we wanted a giant bag of dried fish with eyes. Later on we headed to a local park called Panorama Park, so called because of it's view over a huge canyon and the surrounding volcanoes to watch the sun set and see the aerial show put on by the bats. Here we bumped into lots of monkeys which was fairly unexpected ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau September 3rd 2008

Hello Again! We rejoin our adventure on the rainforest clad island of Sumatra a land of Wild Orang-Utans even wilder volcanoes and a real feel of adventure. Well actually we had to reach Sumatra first from Penang which involved a six hour journey on a small ferry across the open sea and up and down waves I could swear were 10m high! Plastic bags were handed out throughout the journey and just as quickly filled, I managed to keep my breakfast down and was gently rocked into slumber serenaded by the sound of hurling in stereo!! Eventually we made it to Sumatra (Laura looking a fetching shade of lime green) and the sprawling city of Medan, there isn't much good to say about Medan as a tourist destination but it proved a good place to lay ... read more
Family Outing!
Mother & Baby!
Lake Toba

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Maninjau June 21st 2008

Friday June 20, 2008 - I originally decided to come to Lake Maninjou because yesterday when I left Malaysia I felt a cold coming on, and I thought it would be a good place to recooperate. I thought it was a terrible sign that I had a cold coming on, as i was still taking antibiotics for the tonsilitis I developed just before my trip started. But the whole bus journey to Bukittinggi I was sick and really needed some time to rest and sleep. I had had no quality sleep since leaving the states. So Lake Maninjou it was. It was an ok ride to the lake, except for all the smoking. Every man in Sumatra has a lit cigarette with him at all times, especially on buses with no aircon it seems. Air con ... read more
The flat tire - had to happen somewhere
On the windy road down to the lake
Walk to the lake

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