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December 19th 2005
Published: December 19th 2005
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I hosted a holiday party this past weekend at my house and, if I do say so, it was so much fun! Stats for the party:

• 23 people from 11 different countries
• We sang Xmas carols (not quite DePiero family style - more british pub drinking style)
• Lots of dancing (latin of course, but Robbie Williams too - sorry richie)
• 17 Swapped gifts - far too civilized. We played by British rules, not Sicilian. Interesting gifts: blow up spiderman balloon; Sphere handbook
• About 5 or 6 Indonesian friends showed up - the first Christmas party for all of them
• Everyone was very appreciative of our homemade Xmas decorations, improvised decorated (palm) tree and initiative to have a party
• Lots of drinking - people brought beer that they bought clandestinely from the Chinese guys downtown
• 2 hook-ups as a result of last night (mark of true success!)
• One smashed piano bench (but nobody hurt)
• Last guests left around 2am - quite late for Aceh

Although the madness of the sesason can be a bit much at home, I do miss this festive transformation that takes place this time of year - lights everywhere, traditional music, festive parties. Now, if we could only get rid of the crazy gift-giving, "disco carols" and cold weather, Xmas would be damn near perfect.

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Holiday Card from Melissa's WorkHoliday Card from Melissa's Work
Holiday Card from Melissa's Work

The best Christmas gift I received this year was from my sister who's company is donating to the IRC Banda Aceh office in lieu of sending Christmas cards. She designed the holiday card you see here as well. So very thoughtful!

21st December 2005

"palm tree"
actually your christmass tree makes charlie brown's tree look like the tree at the white house. but it is a very "sweet" tree and the decorations are very very nice. actually i think it's a scheferlera (not sure of the spelling) plant.
27th December 2005

if it sheds like a xmas tree, it must be
i knew you would correct me on the type of tree. yes, i guess it's not a palm. it's shedding all over my damn floor though, just like a real xmas tree...it's going back in the courtyard tomorrow!

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