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July 12th 2010
Published: July 12th 2010
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Claire: Well the test was a success, we all topped the class! (Thank god). Only 30 coral families to recognise and name in latin tomorrow evening!). I saw a blue spotted sting ray today, and plenty of lionfish. It hasn't stopped raining since lunch, monsoon style, but we managed to catch a few rays after our first lecture this morning, I'm happy to report Ellie is slightly redder than yesterday, oh sorry, I meant brown.

Ellie: I'm definitely brown, mum. Despite topping the class, whatever we wrote about sea slugs yesterday was wrong! Two people were stung by jellyfish today - Dean (marine biology student from Essex uni) was had by a Pacific Man o' War, and Tom (who is Tom? Claire knows..) got stung by a Bluebottle - in the face of all places! Lots of Portugese Man o' Wars have been washed up on the beaches so we're having to be extra vigilant when snorkelling. I enjoyed my mandi today (that's a shower, a bucket of fresh water and a jug with which to pour it). We all feel like we're in the musical "South Pacific," we sing "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" all the time when washing.

Claire: Forgot to mention we played ping pong in the monsoon today, and I think we all managed to be more wet than when we got out of the sea, very nice and refreshing to be drenched in warm freshwater for a change, the mandi isn't exactly hot... Oh and Ellie was trying to imply that I'm being very sociable and know the names of more people than her.. not specifically the boys!

Ellie: slash she's worried she'll get in trouble with Ben.

Love to you all!


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