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July 12th 2010
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Blog 5 - Getting mucky in lembeh

Ok so the last 7 days i have spent at NAD Lembeh Resort fulfilling a dream of mine to dive the mysterious and murky waters of Lembeh straits. The resort is run by the renowned underwater photographer and vieographer Mike Veich, the resort itself is small, clean, cosy and very professionally run. Whlst i was there i also spent my birthday so i had the local tradition of all the local people covering me in flour, egg and green food dye, which was a first for my birthday and also made me smell like a cake!! i was also blessed by a few of the local staff which was interesting!!

Ok now the real reason to go to Lembeh straits is for critter hunting, for those of you that dont know what critter hunting is, it is essentially looking around silty, muddy ocean floors looking for anything which is small, extremley well camoflagued and somethings which are just plain weird!!!

The diving in Lembeh isnt pretty diving, there arent many big colourful coral reefs, it is mainly all sand/silt/mud with small coral bommies, seagrass beds and an extremley large amount of litter. The locals in bitung (port in lembeh) seem to think that the seas is there to dump all of their rubbish in and that its ok, it is out of sight and out of mind, the only benefit of this is that the rubbish makes a perfect home for some of the creatures that live in Lembeh.

Needless to say Lembeh did not disappoint with my wishlist of things to see on my brief stay, the local dive guides are not human when it comes to their eyesight, i think they all have some sort of bionic implant so they can spot things that havevolved over millions of years to not be spotted by predators!! some of these creatures are the thinckness of a human hair or the size of a plant seed and the guides find them from 5 or 10 metres away, it is absolutely insane!

Of my wishlist of crittes to see there was only 2 that i didnt see but there was also a lot of things i hadnt thought i would be seeing and i got to see those so overall i had an incredible time, i wont bore you with words
Flambouyant CuttlefishFlambouyant CuttlefishFlambouyant Cuttlefish

about 5 cm long!
for what i saw as i wouldnt be able to do it justice so please enjoy the photos i took during my stay, in a week i took over 600 photos!! of which 570 of them were underwater!
I have since moved onto Kuta in Bali where i am going to be for the next few daysa before i move onto the Gili Islands on wednesday to start my next DM job!

Take care and i hope you enjoy the photos!!

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