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October 2nd 2011
Published: October 7th 2011
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If my city, Solo, conducts an event or festival, I then usually give information to my International friends. Like I did yesterday, I posted information through Facebook group of International students of Sebelas Maret University, the place where I work. I also sent text of information to other International students from Indonesian Art Institute, Surakarta.

“Batik Fashion on the Street - for celebrating National Batik Day.

Oct 2, 2011. In Solo Car Free Day area: in front of Museum Batik Danar Hadi. 6.30 am.

Thank you”

In fact, so many friends of mine considered that I did mistyping by putting “6.30 am”. They assumed that I supposed to type “6.30 pm” because they believed that there might be no fashion show which was very early in the morning. Sabina, my friend from Slovakia gave respond in Facebook to clarify that. Well, I answered that I was right. Solo Batik Fashion Show on the Street would be conducted early in the morning. It was on Solo Car Free Day area, along Slamet Riyadi, the main street of Solo. Normally, Solo Car Free Day is conducted on that street every Sunday morning. Solo Batik Fashion on the Street was the event to celebrate the two years of Batik, Indonesian original clothing product with has philosophy inside, as World Heritage from United Nation.

So finally, I and Sabina decided to watch it. I picked up her and we did mini morning travel together. When we arrived in that Solo Car Free Day, we were welcomed by the “song of the dogs”. I felt like seeing dog gathering. So many dogs, they hanged out and socialize with other dogs, I think. The dogs also needed entertainment.

As common things people saw in Car Free Day, we saw many bicycles and people walking. So nice atmosphere to see since commonly Slamet Riyadi is very hectic with cars and motorcycles. We also saw people playing badminton, table tennis, and roller skates. After walking a little bit, we came to the centre of the attraction, Solo Batik Fashion on the Street. We enjoyed it very much and appreciated the event since it was from, by, and for people. Most people who got involved here were not professional models or designers, but they had very strong motivation to show Batik in their own style for other people. When we were there, the show had started. We saw the Batik fashion show from Rotaract, a famous youth organization in Solo. Then we were entertained more by the Batik fashion show from one of Solo vocational school, SMK 4. The kindergarten kids and their mother did not miss the opportunity to perform there. From Al Azhar kindergarten, the kids played the drums with red Batik costumes and their mother walked behind them with colourful fancy Batik outfits. Uniquely, the models of fashion show from Putra Putri Solo Foundation, when they were in street catwalk, shared Solonese traditional foods. Indeed, it encouraged the spirit of the show as from, by, and for people. Audiences were enthusiastic to get that foods; absolutely for their little free breakfast.

Yes we truly enjoyed that morning. After the show, we came to the back stage in which Museum Batik Danar Hadi or the other name is Dalem Wuryoningratan. We saw how busy people prepared for that. Loving their work. Congratulation!!! Before ending the trip, we closed it by eating nasi liwet. Such a complete mini morning travelling.

Then readers, enjoy these photos 😊 Solo Batik Fashion on the Street: from, by, and for People.

Note: Photo by Sonny Hendrawan Saputra

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