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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru May 17th 2011

on my other daily blog , I also write about my latest trip to Semeru but I guess I'd like to write here again since this one is more read by any travallers :D So, last weekend me and some of couchsurfing friends planned to reach Semeru volcano, which also known as the highest volcano is Java island. Well, even it's only 3.676m heights compared with other higher summit.. despite this volcano is the highest one on the island where I live, also the trek path which challenged me to try :d I saw random articles and watched some videos about Semeru and all of them said it was kinda dangerous since already many people died from bein gout of track and lost. And some also fell deep down to rocky valley.. Few days before ... read more
villager style toilet :D
ready to go!
how villagers moving

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru January 16th 2011

De Bali, nous avons pris le ferry pour Java puis le bus pour Probolingo. Apres environ 4 heures de bus (pour environ 100km) nous sommes descendus a Probolingo et nous avons organise un minibus pour nous emmener a Cemoro Lawang, village perche dans la montagne d'ou on peut avoir une belle vue du volcan Bromo. Apres 1h30 de lente ascencion dans un van dont les portes ne fermaient pas, nous sommes enfin arrives dans un joli hotel, genre chalet, sous une pluie battante. Ca ne s'annoncait pas tres bien pour voir le volcan, on n'y voyait pas a 2 metres tant la pluie etait forte et les nuages bas! Au chalet, nous avons fais la connaissance de Matt et Sia de Hollande avec qui nous allions voyage pendant quelques semaines. Ils allaient eux aussi voir Bromo ... read more
Bateau de pecheurs

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru July 21st 2010

Despues de haber pasado unas buenas semanas junto a los hermanos de la iglesia, decidimos que era hora de explorar un poco mas la isla asi que tomamos el camino hacia Bromo (un lugar donde esta uno de los volcanes activos de este pais y porque una hermana nos invito a pasar la noche en su casa) Con un viaje de muchas horas en tren talvez 10 horas, muy pero muy cansados llegamos a la casa de Suti (la hermana que nos invito) directo a descansar y al siguiente dia listos otrs vez para visitar el Volcan Bromo, rodeado de una linda naturaleza, subimos hasta unos kilometros en carro y luego caminando y subiendo gradas por una hora, llegamos al crater. bromo e sunvolcan de 2300 metros y es uno de los volcanes activos de la ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru July 19th 2010

See text in English below 26 noviembre 2009 Después de Borobodur y Prambanan, estoy seguro que el lugar más visitado de Java es la impresionante caldera de Tengger y el volcán Bromo. Desde Yogykarta salen furgones llenos de turistas y mochileros que les llevan directamente hasta aquí, y la mayoría de las veces, desde Bromo son transportados directamente a Banyuwangi, el puerto desde donde salen los ferrys con dirección a Bali. Tomé la segunda opción que proponían las agencias, también popular pero no tan concurrida. Es un programa que después de la visita del Bromo, emplea un día más para llegar al ferry porque incluye la visita de la meseta del Ijen y su cráter. Yo no tenía idea de pasar a Bali, aunque sea una isla preciosísima me parece que fuera demasiado turística. En su ... read more
Vendedor de flores --- Flower seller
Amanecer en Tengger --- Sunrise in Tengger
Amanecer en Tengger --- Sunrise in Tengger

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru April 16th 2010

It's really a piece of cake to get to Ranu Pani from Malang, though it does require a little patience and the ability to be squashed into a microlet with 20 other people and their possessions for a hot sweaty ride uphill. Not to mention the poor lady chucking her guts up...There's a bit of a transport mafia at Tumpang, I suspect led by the dwarf (should have asked him if he had any sisters looking for jobs as I know a midget bar in Bangkok looking for dancers!!) who try to convince me to hire an entire microlet for 200,000Rp as the others are full. I tell him I'll simply wait for the next one to be ready and go and have some lunch at a nearby warung. It is afterall the middle of the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru February 18th 2010

Il y a maintenant 6 jours que nous sommes sur Java, l'ile la plus populeuse d'Indonésie avec ses 120 millions d'habitants (sur les 240 millions d'habitants totaux du pays). Pour être franc, nous modifions notre itinéraire littéralement tous les jours. Le territoire à couvrir et nos ambitions sont si vastes! Un peu de logistique s'impose. Nous détenons que très peu de "feedback" concrets d'amis ayant voyage sur ce territoire et les blogs trouves sur internet nous sont peu utiles. De plus, le transport entre les différentes iles peut parfois être désorientant et ressembler au fameux cube "Rubik" qui nous est, soit dit en passant, jamais été donne de voir dans le bon ordre. Faute de pouvoir planifier, commençons simplement par l'est de Java ou deux sites volcaniques impressionnants nous attendent. Plusieurs heures de routes à l'est ... read more
Gunung Bromo, Java, Indonesie
Gunung Bromo, Java, Indonesie
Gunung Bromo, Java, Indonesie

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru June 14th 2009

Our visit to Mount Bromo was amazing, mind blowing, infuriating, crazy, white knuckled and a whole lot of other emotions thrown in. Our journey began from Malang. We decided to catch a 3hr bus to Problibingo and then another connecting to Mt Bromo. We did our research before we left and felt confident that this journey would be stress free (we even knew which guesthouse to check into). So far in Java trains have been our best friend and we had yet to encounter any crazy Indonesian buses. It all changes now. Believe me we have been on some 'speedy' buses in Vietnam and are accustomed to erratic road ruling drivers but this particular journey was nuts. We didn't book ahead, opting to board a local bus at the station not far from our hotel. We ... read more
Closer shot of Bromo
This smoke smelt like bad eggs
Sunset Bromo 2

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru June 12th 2009

Long hair, long life! This is the greeting I receive a lot from Indonesians. I think it’s a fine slogan and I hope it’s true! Long hair is not uncommon here for men, but limited mostly to artists and musicians. I’m writing this blog from outside our bungalow in Yoshi’s Hotel at Gunung Bromo, a volcano in Java Timur, or western Java. We’ve been here for two days now and it’s a beautiful area. Unfortunately it was very cloudy yesterday so we couldn’t see much of the volcano, but this morning we went up for sunrise (5.15, had to get up at 3.00am!!) and had a beautiful view, but more on that later. Back to where we left you. My last blog was from Denmark, in the far south of Western Australia. As predicted the weather ... read more
Me writing this blog
Busy traffic down one of the many, many market streets. This is in Bogor
Janine in the jungle. Botanic Gardens, Cibodas

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru February 21st 2009

Mt. Bromo was a marathon effort to get to, luckily it was worth it. We boarded a minibus in Yogya at 9am in the morning, picked up all the other passengers, including an Indonesian Catholic nun who was going to her new convent in Probolinggo. Our ride was uneventful, uncomfortable and horribly long. We had a quick stop for lunch and a few toilet breaks, but basically drove for 10.5hrs straight. After 10 and a half hours we changed to another minibus which drove us another hour or so to our hotel Cemoro Lewang...all up we spent 12hrs on the bus (excluding time for lunch) which meant when we eventually arrived it was close to 11.30pm. The following morning when our alarm went off at 3.30am I was tempted to throw the phone across the other ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru October 26th 2008

Planning a trip to Mt. Semeru was not easy. Lots of obstacles and problems plagued us, but finally 13 guys and I were going to the highest peak on Java island. We went to Malang, East Java by Matarmaja train. This is an economy train, and being on it for almost 18 hours makes the body stiff. We were so bored because this train is also very slow. After arriving at the Malang train station, we then continued to Tumpang, a village in the Semeru valley. We had a woman named Rani help us rent a jeep. We stayed a few hours at her house while waiting for the jeep to come. After that, we continued the journey by Jeep to the climbing office Ranu Pani. The jeep was pretty small for 14 people and 13 ... read more
our Jeep
Jeep 2
the road to Ranupani climbing office

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