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Baduy village was on my "to go destinations" for a long time. It's an Indonesian version of the Amish people given the similarity of their concept of living: community based living, no modern technology and being self reliant. Located 120 km from Jakarta, there are a few Baduy villages in the area, consisting of Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) and Baduy Luar (outer Baduy). The Baduy Dalam tribes are not allowed to wear footwear and only wear white color clothing, while their kin at Baduy Luar wear black clothing. All clothings were hand sewn. The Baduy Luar people are those who have left Baduy Dalam, and once left, they are not allowed to return. The Baduy Luar have the benefits of using technologies but remained strict in following other traditions. Up to a few years ago, Baduy ... read more
Cijahe village, Baduy Luar
A house at Baduy Luar

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Banten » Lebak August 19th 2011

It's public holiday on 27 November and it's Friday... tralalalala... long weekend long weekend... Since early October, we already posted in milis gathering some friends who wanna join and share all costs . Maximum 8 persons, as per our car seats. Our route is Jakarta - highway Jakarta Merak exit at Balaraja Barat - Rangkasbitung - Malingping - Bayah - Sawarna. It's about 210km but it take about 5 hours because in certain area the road so narrow and under repair.But... it's worth waiting for.. very lovely hidden beach.. so quite, only a few surfers in the beach.. No hotel in Sawarna Village, only some local people rent their houses for tourist. We stay at a 'Widi' homestay owned by Pak Ade and family. Our homestay consist of 3 rooms, one rooms can be occupied by ... read more
The Sky & The Sea
The Legon Pari Beach
The Barrier on Tanjung Layar Beach

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