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Asia » Indonesia » Flores December 17th 2005

By the time I was in Bali I decided to pass through the rest of Indonesia as fast as possible. On reason was the weather. The rainy season was full on and I met hardly any other backpackers outside Bali. In addition I was longing for a break from all that asian food and life style. I hoped to be able to reach Australia for christmas. Since flight prices from Bali to Darwin were still considerable and I had been told about a boat connection from Timor to Darwin I just took the next bus available and changing from bus to ferry and back I made my way across all the island towards Timor. In Ende on Flores I had to wait for a couple of days for the next ferry to Timor.... read more
Lebuhan Baju

Asia » Indonesia » Flores July 30th 2005

The island of Flores stretches over 350 km east to west, but by road it makes easily the double, Labuanbajo is 528 km from Maumere, which is not yet the island's most eastern limit. Flores is crossed by a mountain range from west to east, and by rivers and valleys, which result in extraordinary landscape but also makes the roads more difficult to travel. But once we were lucky concerning transport. Last evening, when Stephan had gone to the Tourist Information enquiring about bus connections, he met a couple of young Danes who had already hired a car for tomorrow morning (there was also a Dutch guy on board) and they were glad to reduce the costs by sharing the price with two more travellers. This car was empty and the driver had to reach Maumere ... read more
Flores landscape
Newly planted rice
Rice paddies everywhere

Asia » Indonesia » Flores July 3rd 1992

1992………..2MTHS-1st CYCLING TRIP-1300kms ACROSS INDONESIA Heading from Adelaide to Darwin to Kupang, Timor, I started my cycling trip proper in Flores........... 21/6/ 92 Maumere, Flores Flores is about 360km long, although its road from East to West ends up being 700km, with it winding through the mountains. It averages 60 km wide and is 72 km at its widest. Racial types are very complex in Nusa Tengarra, especially on Flores and Timor, where not only Malays and mixed blood Portuguese are found, but also descendants of even earlier Veddoids, Negritos, archaic Melanesian and Australoids- it really shows in the people who are of varying facial and stature characteristics- occasionally some with reddish or blond hair or very straight or very frizzy hair, looking Papuan. I gave my bike legs a rest to get ready for heading ... read more
Preparing Skeins prior to Dyeing
Making the pattern prior to Dyeing
Beach at Pago

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