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May 9th 2018
Published: May 9th 2018
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The day has finally know the feeling.....a trip is planned quite some time ago and the wait seems endless. Finally the day of departure arrives. We are leaving one of the most beautiful places on the planet here on Vancouver Island and heading off to another island destination; Bali, Indonesia. There are 17,508 islands in the Indonesian archipelago but we will be visiting only one, Bali.

It was an early morning start .....up at 4:30 am to get last minute items into suitcases and off to the 6:15 ferry. We have a limo waiting at Horseshoe Bay to take us to the airport as it was cheaper than flying over on Harbour Air and it promises to get us there in lots of time to get through security before the 1:10 pm departure.

our limo driver, named Granville, called me at 8:20 to let me know there was an accident on the highway so he would be a bit late he arrived about 8:45 and we were off the drive to YVR took a bit longer as traffic was horrendous but we finally pulled up just before 10:00. We were first in line for the business class section and we through there and security with Nexus in less than 10 minutes. We headed to the Sky Team Lounge to relax before departure. Although John and Rooney had bought passes for the lounge, they only brought paper copies of the pass cards for some reason and they weren’t allowed into the lounge. They were a long time getting through security as the lines were long so we went ahead and after 45 minutes got a text outlining their dilemma. Lesson learned I guess.

At any rate we enjoyed a lovely dim sum lunch with pork dumplings and wonton soup with a glass of wine. Our plane, a 787 Dreamliner, is parked out front and boarding will be in an hour. The first leg of the trip is 13 hours to Guangzhou, China, a 2 hour layover followed by another 5 hours onto Denpasa. It will be a long time but already glad we opted to bump up to 1st class. Almost time for a nap. Next entry will be from Bali.


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