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July 7th 2014
Published: July 11th 2014
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Today I bought a new board. I had a conversation with my girlfriend about my power and purpose in life. I charged into my future and breathed the spirituality of the waves and energy. I was able to scratch into an 8 foot monster wave and ride it to the beach. It was my biggest wave of the trip so far. Hahaha.

The previous blogs have been about me always moving and life on the go but here i feel like i am home. Bali is the center of a peaceful place in the world that many energies converge with. The moon shines brighter; the winds flow softer. The doves coo and as much as has changed since my last visits this is still a magical mystical land.

Kuta has been built up to the point of congestion and overpopulation. Still there are rivers that run through it.

There are waves to surf that are less crowded elsewhere. Still there is the Kuta beachbreak with perfect barrels that go unridden in front of world class nightclubs.

People are always flying into this city and looking when they can set themselves free from it. When or where is the next destination? The next wave... Constantly searching.

A book I read recently, "The Alchemist", is about a sheperd boy who hears of a treasure far away. He works very hard to travel to this place, the temples of Egypt, where he hears his treasure is. When he gets there things don't turn out the way he imagined. He turns around and travels home to Spain. When he gets back he decides to dig under the tree where he used to nap and have dreams and visions. When he wakes he finds his treasure is there. Life is like this sometimes. We envision things a certain way and then they don't turn out that way.

Instead of blaming ourselves; if we accept this as how things were written and release our personal control of it we won't feel responsible for all our pain and power. We realize that this is how energy works and accept that we are a part of something larger. Something that is akin to destiny. Something that we have complete control of if we pay attention to the immediate moment, and yet no control of the big picture of.

We know in our hearts that we are as we thought when we were young who knows everything that he can and will be and at the same time has no control over this and knows not why this is destined.

These are thoughts that I have had while spending time here on the island in the Indian Ocean called Bali in the central part of Indonesia. I woke up at 4 this morning, tossed and turned and decided that I wanted to write. I think about the people that can't read or write and wish they could. I wish for them to find joy in other ways.

We all have a purpose and I am fast finding mine. I am finding it with the aid of the eternal Balinese power that I was born into. Riding the waves flowing up from the Antarctic winter I am transforming with new experiences, connections and adventures.


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