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April 25th 2012
Published: May 18th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I've been wanting to write about this for a while. It happened not long after I had arrived. Me a Swedish guy and a German all in a pool. Both guys are air head surfers. Talk turns to me. I tell them I'm Bristich. German says "not a real European then?".

Should I talk offense to this? Wasn't offended to continued on.

Both men talked about Sharks. Swede seems to this they're friendly creatures. German disagrees. They find out I've dived with great whites. Swede is in awe.

Then 2nd German dick head arrives (can I just poinbt out her that I like Germans. E.g. Christoph was the loveliest German ever and I liked him very much). It's just these 2 seemed to have a problem with me. Or more correctly with the Brits.

The Swede leaves. Probably to go surfing again.

2nd German starts telling me how Britain is boring. How English is an easy language to learn unlike German or French. He tells me that he's not taking antimalarials around indonesia because malaria isn't an issue. I refrain from telling him I'm a doctor. He slates the fact that I'm travelling alone and then to top it off says that British people are cold.

I don't say much but leave quite abruptly. What a tool. "Go back and knock out a few more brain cells on some reef" I said as I left. He didn't follow because I'd talked naturally and therefore faster. So he said nothing. I guess English isn't that easy a language after all.

I hadn't realised how patriotic I was.



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