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October 19th 2011
Published: October 18th 2011
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Our time in Bali has come to an end, but a lot of great experiences were had by all.

Most of my free time was spent at the beach surfing and hanging out, or traveling around and seeing a bit of the island.

Driving in Bali is pretty nuts--there are pretty much no rules at all. It's like the Dominican, but with 20 times more cars and scooters on the road. Just before we took off for the first time on the scooters, which I had never really driven before, the only bit of advice I got from my friend was 'If you see a cop trying to flag you down, just go around him and keep going, he's only trying to get money off you'. The traffic is dense, and headlights are optional, choosing a lane is optional, looking before you turn is optional, signaling is optional, the amount of stuff you can carry on your scooter is only limited by's pretty much a big free-for-all. And, they drive on the left, to top it off. The toughest part is that even to go to somewhere nearby was quite a mission due to the traffic and small roads, and sometimes close places would take nearly an hour to get to.

There was an earthquake here the other day--I'm guessing that news of it didn't make the states, but it was 6.2 on the Richter Scale. It was strong enough where we could feel it on the boat---I was on the sundeck, working, not tanning, when I felt this shaking, kind of like when the main engines start up, except it wouldn't stop. I thought that there was a major explosion in the engine room or something drastic, but it was just the earthquake. Felt a couple of aftershocks as well, on the boat. There was a little bit of damage around the island, but nothing too crazy.

Other than that, Bali is a pretty cool place. Apparently it's not as cheap as it used to be, but it's still pretty cheap. There are many cool things to see here, and it's the kind of place that you'd go visit for a month or three, while not having to work, and really take in all that it has to offer. I only had a chance to scratch the surface really.

If you do go to
Earthquake DamageEarthquake DamageEarthquake Damage

The most damage that I saw was at the local supermarket, which had big cracks all across the front of the building, and had part of the roof collapse apparently.
Bali, don't even think about doing drugs--taking a puff off of a joint will get you several years in prison, and holding a bit more can get you a life sentence, while harder drugs will get you the death sentence.......but for whatever reason, you can buy magic mushrooms anywhere you want, and eat them legally. Crazy.

We depart here for 7 days at sea to our next destination....that's literally 2000 miles to go.

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They love the Sox out here regardlessThey love the Sox out here regardless
They love the Sox out here regardless

couldn't give a damn about fried chicken and beer
Altar at SeranganAltar at Serangan
Altar at Serangan

There are altars everywhere on Bali used for Hindu prayers and offerings.
On the rocksOn the rocks
On the rocks

Fishing at Balangan

The shacks on the beach renting boards, selling food, and I think you can even sleep there if you'd like for pretty cheap
Bali-style RibsBali-style Ribs
Bali-style Ribs

not as good as my Dad's ribs, but not bad
Gas StationGas Station
Gas Station

There are normal gas stations around, but there are little stands like these all over the place where you could pick up some gas if you really needed it.
Happy CoupleHappy Couple
Happy Couple

"Don't Do It!!!" echoed across the valley.....
Double dippinDouble dippin
Double dippin

Working harvesting rice and selling hats on the side

18th October 2011

Safe trip
Great pics, thanks. Where are you headed? Love, MomXXXOOOXXX
25th October 2011

yep, dont do drugs
14 yr old ozzie guy locked up atm for buying some weed...just dont even think about it. get an arak attack instead

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