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April 22nd 2008
Published: May 27th 2008
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Here are some more photos that never got on to the blog. Hope you enjoy them.

These are the ones from the GAP Tour of South India.

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Early Morning SwimEarly Morning Swim
Early Morning Swim

Sunrise was the perfect time to take a walk along the Keralan Backwaters.
Fort Kochi Street SceneFort Kochi Street Scene
Fort Kochi Street Scene

Fort Kochi is a really quiet little village where you can kick back and chill.
Paddling to MarketPaddling to Market
Paddling to Market

Getting the harvest to market the same way as 300 years ago.
Toddy TapperToddy Tapper
Toddy Tapper

Toddy is the fermented liquor made from palm shoots. Unfortunately you had to climb the tree to collect the juice.
Hills of PeriyarHills of Periyar
Hills of Periyar

Beautiful views from the hills near Periyar.
Bullock CartsBullock Carts
Bullock Carts

These carts were quaint but when you were climbing hills with 50+ hairpin turns they really slowed down traffic.
The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless
The Young and the Restless

Hangin' around on street corners. Same the world over.
Banana SellersBanana Sellers
Banana Sellers

Workers at the Banana Market in Madurai.
Madurai  Temple CarvingsMadurai  Temple Carvings
Madurai Temple Carvings

Details of the carvings in the Madurai Temple. This temple was possibly the most atmospheric place that I've ever been in. It was positively spooky at times.
Gods in a RowGods in a Row
Gods in a Row

The statues of gods that adorn the temples are amazingly intricate and there are hundreds of them on each temple. These ones are in Trichy.

I think that this is Shiva. It can get very confusing because Shiva takes many different forms.

Hanuman is one of my favourites. He symbolises physical strength, perseverance and devotion.
Tea StallTea Stall
Tea Stall

Making Chai is an art. To watch him mix up the spices and tea without measures, stopping briefly to taste is fantastic.
Mamallapuram CarvingsMamallapuram Carvings
Mamallapuram Carvings

This carving out of a single rock must have taken years and a tremendous amount of devotion.
Mamallapuram Five TemplesMamallapuram Five Temples
Mamallapuram Five Temples

These five temples and the accompanying statues were each carved out of single stones.
Mamallapuram TempleMamallapuram Temple
Mamallapuram Temple

Detail of one of the Five Temples.
Mamallapuram - Bay of BengalMamallapuram - Bay of Bengal
Mamallapuram - Bay of Bengal

Lovely beach, it was a pity we didn't have more time here.
Mysore MarketMysore Market
Mysore Market

The produce at this market ranged from herbs and spices to colourful powders and dyes. The wonderful sights and smells can't be described.
Mysore  - BazaarMysore  - Bazaar
Mysore - Bazaar

The bazaar was a constant parade of people.

I guess he didn't like the film.
Mysore PalaceMysore Palace
Mysore Palace

The Mysore Palace shows an interesting mix of Hindu, Islamic and Christian architecture.

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