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July 11th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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...and man do I need a bath. I think I'll need a couple a day, at least until I get used to seeing black under my nails after I itch my skin. Actually I don't think I want that.

Hey, sorry I didn't email yesterday, there wasn't an internet cafe in the hotel I stayed at yesterday. I've arrived safe & sound in Calcutta, no issues during the travel part at all, but boy was my guide book right about this town. It's loud, filthy, really filthy, poverty stricken and the people are all pissed-off.

I changed hotels today because the other one was a little far away from the center of town and all the sights, plus it wasn't nearly as nice as it seemed from the website. I found a great new hotel right in the center of town and it's clean and quiet(er), though nothing could squelch out the traffic horns except industrial ear protection. Ugh, I' missing the tranquility and peacefulness of Thailand, but I guess it's just a little culture shock.

Mom - I'm already asking locals advice for us. Delhi is the capital and a bit like Manhattan in terms of population and hustle and bustle. I'm thinking that we might not want to spend to much time there, just enough to see it and them get out of it into the country or up into the hills. I've found out about a couple smaller, tranquil towns that we can consider staying in (Udaipur and Dharamsalsa are standing out). I've have options for us so we can do whatever we feel like.


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