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November 5th 2016
Published: November 5th 2016
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Maybe you've heard, but I got robbed on the train on my way from Haridwar to Delhi. A man followed me into the train, caused a scene, grabbed my bag and left the train. He was a professional - it was impressive really. Everything was under his control and ran like clockwork. He acted like he was helping and then managed to create a human shield of Indians behind him so I couldn't get through to follow him.

He got away with my bag that included passport (with visa and my beloved collection of stamps), bank card, credit card, over $400 cash, iPhone, laptop, steripen, purchases from Rishikesh, journal, books, ... a lot of stuff, both valuable and irreplaceable. Every day I've remembered something else that was in the bag that I can't ever get back and I get so angry and sad. Every purchase I make, even just a 40 rupee tea ($0.60), has me stressed I'm going to run out of money and end up in the gutter.

Despite the shitty catalyst, I'm in good spirits. I'm safe and healthy, Orion has been hugely supportive and stuck with me even though he could have left me and gone to Dharamshala, and the cancellation of plans brought us back to Rishikesh. We both felt like we had some unfinished business here. In particular I'm going to meet with a super amazing Vedic astrologer in a couple days. We are both working on healing some stuff, and now I have plenty of grist for the mill!

We spent a full 4 days/3 nights in New Delhi fixing as much as we could. The US Embassy was as helpful as they could be. We stayed in a swanky hotel so in order to have access to phone and internet (we really enjoyed the comfort, but not the bill). I have travel insurance that will cover some of the stolen items, but the vast majority of the losses are out of pocket. Overall, Delhi is one of the most vile places I've ever been, in my opinion. The pollution is visible everyday, it hurts to breathe, almost everything is a scam.

So, no vipassana. No Dharamshala. No more gift shopping. But lots of good stuff anyway! After some replacement cards arrive, we will head to Nepal to start the Annapurna Circuit. I still need your prayers and good vibes as that won't be a walk in the park.


5th November 2016

Your trip with all its tribulations will prove to be your most treasured practice, Gina. Glad Orion is there to support you, and you him. Annapurna will shower you with blessings. Love usually involves some sacrifice, but whatever the outcome, always worth the effort. Peace and safe travels my friend. 🙌🙏

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