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January 23rd 2008
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Once Upon A Time In the year 1607 a fourteen year old girl named Arjumand Banu Begum became betrothed to Prince Khurrum, third son of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. This alone would be a truly unremarkable story but thankfully there is a little more to tell. This is the story of how one man ruined it for the rest of us by setting the bar far too high. The princess became the third and most beloved... Read Full Entry

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Knock, KnockKnock, Knock
Knock, Knock

This is the main entrance to the fort. Can you imagine 10,000 soldiers trying to clamour through here?
Paul and the Second GatePaul and the Second Gate
Paul and the Second Gate

We still aren't even close to being inside the fort at this point.
Inside the Agra FortInside the Agra Fort
Inside the Agra Fort

Inside the fort, and on top of the raised platform of ground, we wandered for a while among the many temples, residences and other buildings therein. Although the buildings were added at different times they all seem to flow together into one giant conglomerate structure. It was easy to get lost in the resulting maze of red sandstone and white marble.
Rear WindowsRear Windows
Rear Windows

The rear wall of the fortress inside Agra Fort. The main defensive wall is visible on the left of frame.
Punjabi At LunchPunjabi At Lunch
Punjabi At Lunch

Punjabi prepares to duck into a fine Mughlai curry in a rooftop restaurant near the Taj Mahal.
Main Bazaar, Pahar Ganj, DelhiMain Bazaar, Pahar Ganj, Delhi
Main Bazaar, Pahar Ganj, Delhi

Odd facts about this picture: 1, there is a metal detector at either end of the street for security purposes. 2, the detectors are never manned. 3, the detectors are nevertheless always turned on. 4, the metal detectors make an entirely satisfying "beep" whenever you walk through them with a handful of metal.
Our Last Night OutOur Last Night Out
Our Last Night Out

Hopeful that India is not entirely devoid of party (excluding Goa of course), Paul and I set out in search of fun. First stop: a bar/restaurant near Connaught Place.
Slightly Later OnSlightly Later On
Slightly Later On

After moving to a "Blues Bar" which played absolutely no blues music we met a friendly bunch of Indians. They proceeded to complain about India a lot and show us their mobile phones. This one took a shining to Paul I think.
Irish TimeIrish Time
Irish Time

Well. . . as everyone knows, it's never long before you meet some Irish people on any fun night out on the town.
Later In the EveningLater In the Evening
Later In the Evening

Somehow Paul and I ended up in a rather exclusive looking Indian nightclub where this wealthy businessman latched onto us and tried to show us how much fun Delhi can be.
The ResultThe Result
The Result

Delhi is precisely this much fun. Paul shows off his sunglasses after we finally got home. Incidentally, getting home involved a 40 minute ride though New Delhi in an autorickshaw.
Recovery BreakfastRecovery Breakfast
Recovery Breakfast

No breakfast is complete without chocolate cake. Right?

27th February 2008

Great blog! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!! Lovely photos too. :)
3rd March 2008

Juicy Bits
Eagerly awaiting the next installment of "Adult's only Travel Blog" I'm sure with Paul there you guys have got something worth reading. ps. I think you like the Taj Mahal just a little too much....
17th March 2008

Where are you?
Hi Matty: There have been no reports since January. Are you working? Brandy

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